What is getting to my pepper plants?

Chris_HeekinJuly 8, 2012

I've got several poblano peppers and bell peppers all with various signs of whatever is eating them, as shown in the picture - lower leaves missing, upper leaves chewed on.

I can't see a caterpillar or horn worm on them, but there's obviously something.

Any ideas what's getting to these plants?

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It is probably what you suspect horn worm, time to go night time hunting. Because of the heat most likely is at night, shine a flashlight and look for glowing and nix em. Slugs do similar but usually not too high up on the plant.

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esox07 (4b)

Yah, that plant looks like it might only have one more night's worth of feeding left on it.

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Did the culprit take all the bottom branches or did you trim those off?
Any hornworms should be easy to spot because there are so few leaves.

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horn worms stay on the top of the plant and should be easy to see. looks like grasshoppers. i see tomato plants next to it. you should inspect it for hornworms if there are some lurking. if not then grasshoppers.

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use something called BT worm killer, it is a liquid that you put in a spray bottle and spray plants once every 4 or so days or when it rains. it specifically kills caterpillars and hornworms. It is not a pesticide or toxin. It is some sort of anti bacterial that only effects caterpillars. They nibbled on one leaf and die the next morning. I had hundreds of hornworms devastating my tomatoes and tried to hunt them one by one at night as suggested, but could never find them but once, yet I was losing 10 tomatoes a day, full sized tomatoes almost ready to harvest. The one day it stripped my Bhut. I didn't know they like peppers but apparently they attack some peppers. They didn't touch my jalapenos, but tried one of my cayennes and moved on. I guess the heat was too much for them. BT worm killer by green light at most big box stores.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Doubt it's caterpillars. Missing tissue is triangular. Birds? Or something else. Kids?

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Did the lower leaves just disappear or did they yellow and fall off? The plant looks a bit yellow. Thought maybe there is (or was) more going on than just a hungry critter.

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Steven1032 - no sign of horn worm on the tomato plant.

tsheets - I think the leaves just disappeared. That plant does look a bit yellow, and in fact none of my pepper plants have been terrific producers this year - I got two or three bells from each of my bell peppers, and four or five fruits from each of my habeneros. Really, only my jalapenos are doing well this year.

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I'm going to go with small animal that ate all your branches. I also see signs of grass hopper damage on the top leaves. My best guess.

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