How do I slip Azaleas?

marymarie2007May 14, 2008

I inherited one Azalea at my nearly new home. Cannot find any similar so instead I would like to multiply it by slips. What's the best way to do it? When?

Any and all advise greatly appreciated.

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Azalea Cuttings

From the tv show -Rebecca's Garden: Episode REB-635

If you have a beautiful azalea or hydrangea and would like to have more plants, thereÂs no reason why you should go out and spend money. You can actually grow new plants by taking stem cuttings.

Cut the stem on a 45-degree angle just below the leaf node.
To retain moisture, you can put the pot and cutting in a plastic bag, but check the moisture level every day and let it breathe for about 15 minutes.
Once the plant is finished blooming, then you're ready to take a cutting. Remove about four to six inches of a green stem. Half the stem cutting is going to be under soil, so remove all the foliage.

Don't tear it off or you might damage the bark. Instead, use scissors or clippers and just clip off the leaves.
Next, dip the stem into a rooting hormone. Then place it into a small pot, with a mixture of 50 percent perlite to 50 percent soil.

Put the stem about three inches down into the soil. Keep your new stem cutting moist at all times until it's completely rooted, which can take anywhere from four to six weeks.

In no time, your plants will root and you can go ahead and repot them. And within a year, you may be enjoying some beautiful blooms.

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