Pod drop on trinidad scropion

HillSeeker(3B)July 14, 2013

Hi, I am wondering why my pollinated pods are all dropping on my Trinidad scorpion plants. They set the fruit but drop shortly after. I am making sure not to over water, only when needed which is very rare so far as we've had a lot of rain. I am having a huge variation in temps & and I wonder if that is the problem. The other day it was only 50 degrees. Maybe nuclear peppers are not destined for snowy Alberta??

My ghost peppers and Naga's are doing awesome! Anything less spicy is good except one purchased plant chocolate fatalii. It too is loosing it's pollinated pods. All the plants are covered in blossoms.

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tony469(modesto zone 9)

Not sure u may want inspect inside of pods possible pepper weevil... Might be a nutrient deficiency phosphorus,calcium,or magnesium..wait and see if weather improve if peppers stay on

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Tony, I'm not totally sure, but I believe pepper weevils are more of southern latitude bug.

Hill: could be that those blooms/pods were part of a timing thing with your temp fluctuations while the other superhots that are doing fine had developed stronger fruit prior to the temps swaying. /shrug Dunno

Willard3 says these are the main reasons pods/blooms drop---

Flower drop probable causes:

1. Day temp too high >95F
2. Night temp too low 3. Too much nitrogen fertilizer
4. Too much water
5. Low light levels (reduces fertility).
6. Very low humidity (reduces fertility)
7. Poor air circulation (air circulation contributes to pollination).
8. Lack of pollinating insects.
9. Size of pot

  1. Too much mineral in feedwater.
  2. Too much grower attention/anxiety.

Copy and paste... thanks willard3


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Thank you so much like usual! I can see many of the 11 things that are attributing. I did notice some formed TS pods pollinated and growing today. They are much larger than the pods that were dropping so I have hope. I am having the same problem with my melons so I know it has something to do with my methods, temp or both. Appreciate the followup!

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