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LeslieSmallwoodAugust 3, 2011

I have two potted plumeria's. One is too tall and lanky and needs to be pruned but I've never pruned a plumeria. Can I do it now or should I wait for the spring? We've been experiencing a rather hot summer this year in Austin, Texas.

My other plumeria is a nice size now but will need to be pruned for next year. It has multiple branches but only near the top. So how far down should I prune it so it doesn't end up looking like a dwarfed bushy plumeria tree when I'm finished?

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Leslie, I'm also in Austin and I wouldn't suggest pruning until the early spring, around late February as they're about to break dormancy. It's so hot and most of the plants so stressed that it might harm the tree as it tries to put out new growth where it's been pruned.


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I like to prune in the early Spring. Pruning 1 out of every 3 branches to keep some established branches for blooming.

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