another seed collecting issue

kuvaszlvrJuly 22, 2012

Weirdest thing, I collected some seeds earlier today from a yellow Peter Pepper. Seeds looked ok, not as nice as I'd like, but they looked passable. Put them out on a towel to dry (I put them in water first to see if they float or sink, most of these sunk). Went by about an hour later and they had turned into little black amorphous bodies. Has anyone ever had this happen? I've never had this happen before.


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i have had some seeds that dried to fast change a darker color seeds are best slow dried at ideal temps i found its best to let them dry still attached to the pepper with the pepper cut in half slower process

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Most times when seeds turn dark brown or black they weren't ripe enough.
The float test isn't all it's cracked up to be when it comes to certain seeds. :)

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double check to make sure your peter pepper plant is not really a red and the pepper you pulled was not fully ripe . i have some peter pepper reds growing but no pods just yet .

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I wondered about them not being ripe enough.

It's definitely yellow. :-) I have red, yellow and orange. the orange has the most accurate looking fruit. They yellow is just weird looking, but it's covered in yellow fruit. The red and orange are both still covered in green fruit.

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kuvaszlvr, I've grown the red for the first time this year, expecting these to be very funny. But they weren't, um...true to form. ;-) I'm very curious as to where you got the orange from? I think I would like to try this variety. Would you even have seed to share?

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A mouse ate em and left you an "amorphous" present. :D


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magiccrystal, I might have some orange ones to share, still waiting for the 3 to ripen (I can't share the red or yellow as I did not collect seeds because I don't think they were true Peters, they just did not look right). Send me an email with your address and I'll send you some when they are ready.

DarJones... naw... wrong shape. ;-)

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