How to grow butterfly bush from cuttings?

novicegardenerevanMay 17, 2010

Thanks guys

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best time to take cutting mid august.... take a 4 inch cutting with a heal & wound ..... apply 0.8% IBA stick in well drained soil & mist taking 70-100 days to root.

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ncstockguy(Zone7 NC)

I have found butterfly bush one of the easier plants to clone from cuttings. I cut off a small length of green branch and use rooting hormone and put it in good dirt in a mostly shady spot underneath a large plastic jar that has had the bottom cut out. This keeps it moist. Occasionally, I unscrew the lid and water it. I usually get a viable plant for transplanting the following spring, if I do this in July-August.

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railroadrabbit(7b - Atlanta)

I cut off the flowers and stick into potting soil and keep moist. I keep them on the north side of the house in full shade until rooted.

I have just stuck a long branch as deep into the ground as it will go (12-18")and they rooted.

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