Freezing tabasco peppers, leaving them on the plant and blooming

Graelin(Zone 8a)July 28, 2011

Hey guys, I've got more questions for you. My little tabasco plant is delighted with this heatwave we're having, so much so that it ripened-up four little peppers already (and I do mean little; they're the smallest peppers on the bush). So now I'm wondering about some things.

First, is it okay to leave ripe peppers on the plant, or will they rot and fall off after X amount of time? I'd like to leave them all on the plant and just pick 'em all at the same time, if that's possible. I'm guessing it doesn't work that way.

Secondly, is it okay to freeze tabasco peppers? I know it's okay with most varieties, but as many of you know, tabascos are juicy inside. Will freezing damage them? Should they just go in the crisper?

Lastly, I noticed the plant isn't producing anymore flowers. Is that normal, or should it flower anytime conditions are right?

As an aside, I ate one of the little guys I picked earlier. Of course it was fairly warm, but WOW, what a nice, smokey flavor! I had no idea fresh tabasco was so good. I'm thinking they'd taste great in grilled sausages.

I also took the advice several of you gave in this forum and added some bonemeal, as the leaves were starting to wrinkle-up a bit. The plant seems to be pretty happy now with its smooth, dark leaves. So thanks for that advice!

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Do not leave them on the plant very long. Once they turn bright red you only have a couple days till they get really mushy.

They freeze really well as long as you do it very soon after a harvset.

And yes Tobasco's seem to love the heat and will keep producing cycle after cycle. The flowers will come after a fatt bounty of lil fire crackers.! Jamie

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Graelin(Zone 8a)

Thanks, Jamie! They're in the freezer now.

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I remove the seeds before freezing peppers. The seeds don't seem to take to freezing, they taste bad and kinda' stink.

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I think the seeds add to the heat. I do not eat frozen peppers raw. But then again I typically make salsa with my frozen peppers or grill them. Have not noticed a funky taste.

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