bobbyhallJuly 27, 2012

I planted these seeds from the package and I noticed a few plants that were growing peppers that look like bell peppers? Any Ideas what these could be? Was there a mix up in the package? I have no other pepper plants growing so no cross breeding I think...

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Yes, probably a mix-up in the package. It happens.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Why does make me think of the second Ice Age movie, where the girl mammoth thinks she's a possum ?

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Crossbreeding(pollination) occurs in subsequent generations, bobby.

Yes. That looks like a bell. That's 2 different plants though, right? Because the other fruit look like jalapenos.

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t-bob(west wa)

it looks pretty obvious to me that you have at least one bell and at least one jalapeno plant......if that isn't two separate plants, then it is some weird throw back that is putting out either---bellapenos or jalabells (both of which are names i just made up) if it is one plant, then you might be lucky enough to get peppers like beaver dams.....starts out sweet but then has a nice heat swoop into the background. keep us updated...let us know

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I have about 20 plants total and two of the plants are growing these bell peppers.. no bell pepper and jalapeno mix on same plant! I have a huge pot and planted about 6 plnats in the same container. They were from Ferry-Morse seeds. so strange I have two bell plants.

Guess Ferry-Morse needs better quality control at their factory! :)

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My first pickins.....including the darn mixed seed pack from ferry-morse... of my home state of KY!! I live in Tirana Albania BTW...good Mediterranean growing climate.. I emailed them about the mixed seeds and haven't received a response..

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