No Heat

merlin30July 31, 2011

I planted several NuMex Big Jim plants this year. I picked a few last week and they have good flavor but no heat - none.

I live in western North Carolina Zone 7A.

I've heard too much water, temp not hot enough.

Any ideas or suggestions?


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let them get really dry before you pick them, when they r stressed, they produce more capsaicin of course they get to their hottest during really hot dry years, good luck fellow carolinian

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sjetski(6b NJ)

The Numex Big Jims i grew in the past were sweet with no heat at all also.

Outside of the usual weather/watering factors it's just known to have a lot of variance.

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Did you let them turn red? Even still mine have not had a ton of heat. I read that it is a plant with a high degree of variance.

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I wish I knew how to help. I haven't grown Big Jim's, but my jalapenos are quite hot this year. Weird thing is that in years past they haven't always been this hot (same brand/variety).

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