Strawberries with plenty of fruit but no runners?

plin924May 16, 2011

hi everyone!

I'm a newbie at gardenweb. I'm so glad I found this place. We have taken many advice off this forum and things have worked out great for our vegetable garden so far.

We have several strawberries planted in a raised bed setting. We have some June Bearing and some Ever Bearing in separate beds, each plant has about a foot of space between them. We got them from Armstrong Garden Center in Feb/March. They have started to fruit immediately (here we are in May). We have fertilize them with massive amount of coffee grounds from starbucks and some manure. The plants have thrived, all grown twice or three times their original size. Each plant has given us about half a dozen strawberries thus far in the season.

One thing that's been puzzling me is that I have not seen any runners. I have tried to cut all berries off some plants, but they just continues to flower and produce even more berries. There's no signs of runners what so ever.

They don't look like alpine strawberries at all. I don't think my strawberries are sick. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. What can I do to encourage runners?


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I think it may be related to day length,after June 2l the berries should lessen and the runners (for survival)start showing up.

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could they be runner-less? I think some variety's are

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OK so I planted some Quinalt/Sequoia bare root starts in Jan-February and they have lots of Runners now and a few fruit. I got 2 6-packs of Chandler in Late March early April and they have set lots of small fruit, but no runners yet and they are looking kinda pale and unhappy... sounds similar...

I have some seed grown 'alpine' type strawberries which never make runners - the fruit is small as are the leaves.

When strawberries are happy (good soil and enough water) the leaves are dark green and quite large (2X - 3X larger than a large berry) If your leaves stay small it may be a culture issue (water or soil infertility).

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