kitnorAugust 14, 2014

Can anyone recommend reliable sellers of cuttings. I'm looking for a cutting of Penang Peach and would like to find a fresh cutting to root. Not all sellers sell this so if you know of a number of reliable sellers, please post.

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In general, you're more likely to find a rooted plant this time of year than a cutting. Some one else here can probably recommend additional sellers that are close to you, but Florida Colors carries PP (although it's grafted, if that matters to you) -

Matt (1-stop-aloha) and Fuzzy (bloomingplumerias) on ebay are reputable sellers in Hawaii that sell PP as well.

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kitnor don't know where you are in FL. but there is a grower here in Brevard who may have what you're looking for ...I've purchased several plants and cuttings from them - 100% happy. They have a FB page, B & B Exotics Plumeria ..perhaps they could help you.

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Pondplant_kid(9b) Derrick of piece of paradise is very nice, and sells big beefy cuttings and rooted plants.

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I've bought from Florida Colors, Sun Harbor nursery (not online), Maui Plumeria Gardens and Matt (1-stop-aloha). I've met the B&B Exotics guys and would buy from them. I would also buy from Brads Buds and Blooms, Jungle Jacks and BNJ Exotics.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Agree with astrl. Also fuzzy. On eBay.


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