Supertunia Petunia Cuttings?

ImaHockeyMom(SW Mich--Zone 5)June 2, 2005

While transplanting some full-size trailing Supertunias today, I managed to knock off quite a few stems with blooms on them.

Is it possible for me to get these to root?

What's the best method? Water in a glass? Oasis / wet florist foam cubes? Potting Mix / Perlite combination? How much of the stem should I put under the medium? Should I take off the blooms and most leaves? How long until they root?

Anyone have any suggestions??? I've just got them sitting in plain water for now -- I was hoping y'all could help me out.

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Apply 0.1% IBA (rooting hormone) stick in well drained soil & mist takes 7-21 days to root

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Funny this topic should come up today. I was mulching around some wave petunias that had been planted for a month or more and discovered that one of the stems had started to root. I had no idea that you could root petunias! George, you are a plant propagation wizard!

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ImaHockeyMom(SW Mich--Zone 5)

georgez5il -- thank you! I'm so glad that I might actually get to have more of these plants!

wishfulthinking -- I learn more new things every day when it comes to gardening.... I'm a newbie and I feel like I'll NEVER learn everything I need to know!

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Speaking of Supertunia. For two years in a row, one of my "Bubblegum" supertunias has dried up and died withing just a few days. Both times occurred in the window box while it's neighbor Bubblegum did fine. Has anyone experienced this and know the reason why.

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ImaHockeyMom...You'll never learn everthing about gardening. That's why it will always be fun! Enjoy, and trust yourself. It only gets better :o)

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