When to transplant cuttings?

wallknightJune 30, 2008

My continuous mist propagator set-up worked. Roots are forming. When can I pot them up? Do I wait till the roots are a certain size, or wait for new growth? I've got a variety of species, so generalities are appreciated.


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If your roots get to long you risk breaking them off when planting. I usually get them about 1/4 inch in length.

Water them well after potting and if they wilt you will need to put them back in a humid environment for about a week until the roots take hold. I use a big clear plastic tote from Wal-Mart with a bowl of water inside. After a week I take them out and if they wilt, I put them back. You can also put them in a big zip lock bag if needed and poke holes in it every day to gradually get them used to the environment.

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