Pelargonium propagation from LEAF?

notverygreenthumbJune 19, 2007

Hi, novice question here: I have two new scented-leaf plants that are quite small. I recently took a leaf cutting from my begonia, and without thinking, did the same for the geraniums, rooting hormone and everything. There's not a hope in hell, is there? There's no node on the cutting, just the leaf and a long petiole...

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

;-) Sorry, it won't work, darn it all. You'll need some stem cuttings.

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Oh booger. But thanks for the info!

I'm so freaked out by the Do Not Contaminate The Water Supply warnings on the rooting hormone jar that I think I'll just let the leaves sit around for a while till my courage returns and I can toss them out.

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if truely interested search on In-vitro system of micropropagation ...Tissue Culture.

I have experienced reasonable success with calloused, un-rooted vegetative cuttings and rooting them under intermittent mist at a soil temp of 72F.
I prefer using Cloromone rather than Hormodin but with either product I only improve root emergence by 3 days over no hormone.

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