Ficus propagation

the_gardenerJune 7, 2011

How long does it take for ficus benjamina's cuttings to root? I am based at a location where day time temperature is 35 to 40 C (95 F) these days. I am not using a rooting hormone and try to provide humidity by misting/watering. I planted cuttings about 2 weeks back but haven't seen any signs of life till now.

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The best method to propagate (from my experience) is "air layering" & takes up to 6 months to form roots. Have prepared over 1500 plants this way with a 99% success.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Do you use a rooting hormone while air layering?

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The best method to propagate ficus benjamina is to take a cutting and put in water. It will root in about 2 to 3 weeks then you can transplant in the soil.

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