When to plant rooted cuttings in ground?

zooba72June 15, 2013

I've read a lot of material on how to root cuttings from various plants in pots. However, none of these articles discuss the best time to transfer these cuttings into the ground.

I currently have a number of hydrangea and a few knockout roses (I know this is wrong, just testing) cuttings currently potted. I think a few of them are rooted. Should I wait until fall and then plant these in the ground? Does anyone have any recommendations?

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I would not plant them now, here where the summer is hot and dry,I would probably lose them. It starts to rain here by November, and is cool enough by then to plant. Where are you? Al

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I'm in New York, Zone 7. I wasn't planning on planting them now, but I was hoping to put them in the ground during the fall season.

Last year I started really late and didn't take my cuttings until August/September, so I left them in pots and a few of them survived the winter. This year I started early and was hoping to get them in the ground before the winter. Unless someone tells me otherwise. Thanks for the response.

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