Crepe myrtle, oleander, propogation

jerryngeorgia31557(8)June 10, 2009

I have crepe myrtle, and oleanders to propogate. Can anyone give me advise on how to do this? Thanks in advance for your help.

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

layering of greenwood cuttings should work for either one of these plants. for layering, find branches that will touch the ground. knick the branch with a sharp knife(make a diagonal cut) into the stem. dust with rooting hormone. insert a small piece of toothpick into the wound to hold it open. bury the wound in a pile of soil and water well. if your soil isn't very good you could try rooting it directly into a pot. place a rock on top of the pile of soil to hold the scion down and the dirt in place. should take a few weeks to root. greenwood cuttings; find a branch with new grown. cut it off where its still soft. cut the bottom on an angle and trim off all but two or three leaves. dip in rooting hormone. insert in a pot with potting mix and extra perlite. water well. both ways need indirect light, no full sun.

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