Establishing a pruned boxwood hedge

kelly922September 23, 2013

Hi there - planted a 16' long boxwood hedge 2 yrs ago. Each winter gem was spaced 2' apart main stem to main stem. They do not get a lot of sun but are filling in nicely so far and appear very happy. I would like this hedge to grow 30"-36" in height in a pretty tightly clipped wall. Can u tell me when and how often I should be pruning/shaping this line so I can get the look I am trying to accomplish? Right now there are many crisy branches but I don't want to prune now for fear of the plant not hardening off before winter. Your advice would be much appreciated!

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The ideal time to prune a broadleaved evergreen shrub - like boxwood - is in spring as it is pushing new growth. Your can also prune into the summer as well, although pruning tends to stimulates additional growth so a hot, dry summer can create unnecessary stress on a freshly sheared plant.

Typically, one wants to start the training into a neat hedge shape early in the life of the hedge so you do not need to remove much growth at any one time. Keep the base of the plant slightly broader than the top so that sunlight can reach evenly to the base.

Here is a link that might be useful: PlantAmnesty - pruning hedges.

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