Thai Hot Turning Black

ejh805(8b)July 24, 2012

Hey everyone

About a month ago I bought two Thai Birdseye plants from a big box store. They were labeled just as "Thai Hot", but I've looked around and they are FAR too tiny to be regular Thai Hot, so I believe they are Thai Birds Eye. (there are probably about 40+ peppers all together, all less than an inch in length)

Anyways, they are supposed to turn red when fully ripe. Last week most were bright green, some were a bit darker. Now those darker ones are black.

Is something wrong with the peppers or is this just part of maturing for some hot peppers?

Thanks in advance :)


PS If anyone wants to share recipes I can use these in, I'd appreciate it.

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My tiny (and mine are 1/4 inch round max)chile piquien all turn black from green for about a week, then they turn bright red.

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Thanks, Daryll :)

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Yup mine are doing the same.

They turn green to a black-green.

They are by far the most productive, compact I have ever worked with. I have had no pod drop with them at all, for sure a winner. They are very hot!!! I will for sure be doing all thai peppers next season!!

You can even see in this pic the one or two that are turning the dark color.

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