Anyone tried cuttings of Virginia Creeper?

docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)June 5, 2009

I'm brand new to propagating from anything but seed. I want to fill my yard with Virginia Creeper and I have a friend who has oodles of it growing on her deck. In the past I've tried transplanting with poor results, even with a decent size root ball. I've searched Gardenweb and other sites and found conflicting recommendations about the best timing for taking softwood cuttings. I've had decent results starting from seed, but I can't ever find enough seeds left on the vines to get the numbers of plants I want. Has anyone here taken cuttings from Virginia Creeper, and what was your experience? Thanks in advance. Oh, and can you root cuttings directly in a soil substitute, or should it always be sand?


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Hi Docmom, I have rooted virginia creeper by taking cuttings in the winter and sticking them in potting soil in water bottles in a south window with 100% success. I have rooted them in summer by sticking them in a bottle of water until roots start to grow. I have also started them by sticking the cuttings in the ground and keeping the ground wet in the summer. They are easiest to propagate by ground layering using the mother plant to do the work. My problem has been getting them to survive long-term. It seems to be slow to adapt and rarely survives the winters here. It may not like alkaline soil. I finally got one to live through the winter this year and it had been potted for quite a while before planted in the ground. If you find out more let me know. Good luck

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Thank-you for the responses.

Generator, The plants I've had volunteer have always been extremely hardy. They grow in both sunny and shady spots with no attention at all. I think the root system goes quite deep when they develop naturally, so that would enable them to survive the cold winter. I"ll take some cuttings ASAP and see if I can get them to root quickly so they can establish themselves before the cold hits. Do you put rooting hormone in the bottle of water? How much? Thanks again,


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Hi docmom, I have never had to use rooting hormone on the virginia creeper. I don't think cold is the real issue because I have relatives in Minnesota z3 that grow them and they do just fine, in fact they leaf out sooner than here. It may be the altitude here. I see it growing around this area but it never seems to be overly vigorous. I just keep trying and maybe one day I'll have a creeper get established.

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