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My name is Alice Matricon and IÂm a recent graduate from a school of landscape design in Paris. IÂm writing to you in the hope that you could offer me much-needed advice.

It has been my realisation upon completing my degree that my knowledge of plants and flora are still of a limited scale. While my understanding of landscape design is very good on an academic level, I believe that I need first hand experience of these processes to better equip myself with the skills required in this field. Therefore, it is my intention to seek work in Ireland for a year, because I know Ireland has a very high and rich culture of plants and garden.

My goal for this year would be to gain a greater understanding of the varying processes involved in all aspects of taking care and the nurturing of plants, from choosing the right soil to the best methods for growing certain plants. I also need to learn to recognize the trees and plants, and so I need to be in a place with as many species as possible, and work on different and various tasks.

ThatÂs why I seek your advice to know where would be the best place to work, and if there is some availability in this kind of job.

I would love to work in The Botanical Gardens because of its magnificience and such huge diversity of species but I know there are many beautiful gardens throughout Dublin and beyond.

If you have even the smallest advice to help me start my research, IÂll be very very happy to follow it.

Thank you very much.

My email :

Phone : 0033631581561

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

Simply google 'irish botanical gardens.' As a matter of fact, you can do this for any country, even your own. Good luck.

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I'm a self tough person and I learned from working at a garden center. Not only do you learn about the plants, but also learn how to help the customers which I think is important I also learned from talking to the growers, they are more than willing to talk about the plants they grow. What's great about the Horticulture field is you can never learn all there is about it

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