Propagating a gardenia

Lorraine_Kimble(8aSC)June 5, 2005

My mother's gardenia bush is loaded with blooms this year,can you propagate a gardenia bush & how do you do it?



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Wow, you actually can get to the stage of propagation?? I am still trying to revive my gardenia..I heard its very difficult to get them established, but then again I think it depends on what kind of soil u have..

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Two very easy ways:
(1) Pick blooms with about 6 inches of stem. Put in water and enjoy the blooms. WHen the bloom dies, pull it off and leave the stems in water. Put in a bright window but no direct sun. Add just enough MiracleGro or other fertilizer until you can barely see color in the water. If water sours, clean vase or jar and replace water and fertilizer. In about 3 weeks you should begin to see roots. WHen roots are well established, pot the plant in sand and place outside in bright shade for two weeks. Water daily. Gradually move into sun to harden-off.
(2) This is easier. Take a low limb on your mother's bush and scrape away the bark on the bottom side about half way between the end of the limb and the trunk. Push it down to the ground, cover the limb with soil and put a brick on it to hold it down. Keep it watered. It will soon root. Cut it loos from the mother plant, dig and replant. I've had limbs take root by themselves.

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jillcentx(8, Central TX)

I propagated one using rooting hormone... kept it wet in potting soil & well drained. It is still hanging on, but I am not totally sure it will make it. It has been about 1 1/2 months now, & still green.

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Thanks for the help / tips. I plan on trying what you suggested. Will let you know the results.

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gardenias like the same kind of ferterlizer that azaleas like, they are acidic loving plants. that may help, it did wonders for my gardenia

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