any suggestions to get rid of fire blight?

grdngramma(4)September 16, 2010

So far this one section of my yard has killed 2 elderberry shrubs and is working on the third, a serviceberry tree, a pear tree and now my raspberries are getting black edges and never have done well there. I wondered if I burned the area might help to kill it, or if anyone has suggestions for edible plants/trees/shrubs that would not be affected by fire blight. Just post here, have checked the box to send replies to my email.

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A complicated subject. Suggest that you do a Google search for - fire blight + host plants. Read through those threads carefully for an understanding of the problem. The easiest solution is to remove those host plants growing in your yard. Hopefully they are not also growing in your neighbors landscapes. It is quite possible that the pear tree is the source of your infection...or, apple, flowering crab, firethorn, hawthorn, cotoneaster, quince, Mountain ash and as noted, pear.

Fire blight is a tough one to control. Much better to bite the bullet and remove the host plant(s) causing the infection.

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