How tall is too tall?

tropical_lady(z10FL)August 24, 2010

I have several plumeria planted in the ground around my lanai in south Florida (zone 10). They are now about 5 1/2' tall. Two of them seem very top heavy. I do have them staked for support until they have developed a stronger root system. Can anyone give me an idea as to how dense the branching should be? I wonder if I should cut the main branch with the densest growth and restart these plants with the main trunk closer to the ground. Anyone with advice?

Tropical Lady

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Plumies can grow to about 30 feet. We saw them all over Hawaii, it does take time for the branches to get strong though. Most of the people around here use some sort support system. For cultivars however, it's pretty common to keep them small so they flowers are easy pickings. Either one is fine. We have 8 footers at my inlaws house they are close to the house to keep some of the wind forces from hitting too hard. They don't use anything for support.

Good luck

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Thanks for the response.

Mine are named cultivars that I purchased for flower and fragrance. They tend to get very heavy with branches before they have adequate trunk development. I get concerned because we are in a hurricane zone and they aren't very wind resistant.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

If I was in the path of a hurricane, I would probably cut back my plumies or at least remove much of the foliage (leaves) on them so they could 'weather the storm'.

Of course, I can't even imagine all the preparations one must do in that case so there would probably not be time --and if you had a lot of plants, well, you might have to hire it done!

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