muneca_fl(9)April 2, 2013

I received the seeds very crushed. I contact him and he said he don't have more seeds or more stamp. I suggest to him to update his trade page. I give to him the opportunity of replace the seeds but he didn't. I sent the seeds that he requested and some bonus very protected. People like eugenflorinsgarden do not deserve to be a member to this forum.

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A while back I put up for trade some iceberg lettuce. It was a bonus pack for some seeds I purchased online last year. I have no use for them. He posted on there that he was new to the forums & "due to finacial difficulties" was not able to purchase seeds, so he "turned to the generous people of the internet". I told him to just send me an SASE. He emailed me saying he will mail the envelope out when he is able to get postage. I never heard-privately-from him again. On a later post I made for a seed trade, he posted on there that he was interested & wanted me to look at his trade list. I immediately thought it fishy & never responded to him.

Edited because I realized I left out a word, haha!

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eugenflorinsgarden(8A NV)

To the person that wrote this. I realzed I was wrong and that I should send the seeds again. I sent an email a couple hours offering me to send the seeds again. And you did not want to.

And to the lettuce, I ended up not wanting the lettuce seeds for a some reasons. I know they don't grow we'll in my region, and I got a pack from a friend full of good seeds ( all of which I put up for trade). That's the reason I have not responded to you after Also I did not think it was worth the stamps for some iceberg lettuce seeds.

If there is anything else for me to make this right please let me know.

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I don't lie this man was not deserve to make trade in this page. After him receive my seeds he comment:

It just made my day to see the sweet card and all the seeds you sent me. Thank you so much! I almost feel bad I didn't do the same! Now I don't even know which peppers to plant!

I always try to be nice, send the seeds protected and in some occasion I send some extra seeds.

After inform him about the crushed seeds this was his response:

"Oh no! The basil is a hard seed and so is sage, so it might be ok... Try take the mint and place it all on a paper plate. I'm sorry!"

After asking him for send me the seeds again, his response was:
"Unfortunately, I did send all of the rest I did have. I feel terribly bad about the seeds. I don't even have anymore stamps. Again, I am very sorry about the seeds. Is there anything else I could do?"

After explain to him that I was trading for more than three years and this is the first time this happen to me he response was:
"Ok, if you can't understand my situation right now, then I can't do much about it. If you really want, when the plants in my garden seed in a couple of months, you can have all the basil and sage you want. I tried my best for the seeds not to be crushed, but if they are, as I said, I'm sorry. I did not just put the seeds in an envelope. I tried my best to protect them. Now I know and won't do that again. I cannot go out right now buy more seeds buy more stamps just because you demand more seeds. I learned my lesson and don't want to do this to another member. I hope you understand. "

After I posted the review on Tue, Apr 2, 13 at 14:21, he response on Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 7:07 PM was:
"I have thought about it, and i feel very bad about the seeds. I am sorry. I can send more seeds if you like. Is this ok?"

Who lie? Please take a look in the rate and review page, before make any trade.

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Be sure you have plenty of stamps before offering a trade, even if you are just offering to be nice. You can send stamps to receive what he offers and if you want to include some of your seeds for him in that same envelope, go ahead, but he is out of stamps.
Spend your generosity elsewhere.

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I traded seeds with eugenflorinsgarden recently. He sent his end of the trade promptly and the seeds were well packaged and arrived in good shape.


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