transplanting root suckers - quaking aspen, russian olive and?

greenamandaJune 1, 2009

I have lots of different types of trees in my yard and want to transfer some to the back of my property for shade near my horses.

I have LOTS of suckers off some parent quaking aspens, russian olives, and at least one other variety I don't recognize. I also have a silver maple and some quick growing poplars that ought to grow suckers in good conditions. (this place has not been cared for in a few years)

What is the best way to transplant? How deep and wide do I make the wholes? What do I fill them with (I've heard peat moss 50/50 with the soil that is here)? How do I handle the sucker when it is first out of the ground (I have heard submerge the roots in water for some period (how long?) then coat them in root powder)?


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depth need only be 6 inches or so with final depth of sucker the same as when attached to tree. . . .
soil mixed may be the same as the ground soil or mixed with peat moss.......
When taking the sucker must be sure some roots ate attached
If no root attached the treat as a cutting....

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