Progating Japanese Maple from cutting?

toms_gardenJune 18, 2006

Ok, I have a misting system set-up. Here is a link to one of the pictures I took this morning.

I hope this link works. But anyway, Which one of the Japanese Malpes can be progagated by cuttings and what medium do I use? I have two Weeping Crimson Queen Japanese Maples, 1 Bloodgood, and one that turns to a golden color in the fall. But I forgot what it is called. Can these be propagated from cuttings? If so how & when is the best way and time to take the cuttings.

Also I have a Weeping Cherry that was given to me. I would like to propagate it too. I know that the Weeeping cherry is a grafted tree. So if I can propagate it from cuttings? Then what will I get? Does any1 here know how,when, where, and what medium is best to use for that too. And what other plants would be best for me to propagate? Sorry for all the different questions But I was told that the only dumb question,is the question u never asked. So I ask all I can and try to learn from everyones advice.

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Any Japanese Maple may be propagated with cuttings & also by grafting & or seed. Best soil is well drained soil with a high % sand, crushed stone, prelite or similar material.Take cuttings of firm bew growth apply 1-2% IBA (rooting hormone) Takes 6-8 weeks to root.

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Grancru(z5 MI)

Most collectable Japanese Maples are grafted. There is a very small chance that you can root a cutting and if you are sucessful the root system will not grow strong enough to support the tree. It may survive for some time but will eventually die.
Seed will not come true to the mother BUT you may end up with a very interesting plant.

The best and safest way is to graft. There is a ton of information on grafting via the internet.


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I have a beautiful small (young 2 1/2' tall) crimson queen lace leaf in my raised garden. It looks so pretty and full and this being it's first spring "planted". The question is, during it's first winter (zone 5), it was a bare stick as it should be but as spring approached, the buds formed about 8-10" below the lead or top branch. Could this be from frost? what do i do with the bare tip as the rest of the 6-7 pretty branches are healthy and full? problem #2: The lowest branch about 1" above mulch broke off over the winter, possible frost, wind, or critter passing by...??? however, i cut in clean and stuck the branch in a vase of water, i change it out every 2-3 days, the stem bloomed with buds, and is almost full of leaves, can it be saved? no real root has formed, what is a good 'Next Step' to save the little branch? I thought about grafting in onto my maple in the garden, but don't want to chance killing it, being that i'm a novice gardener...can you help?

thanks to all in advance for the advice.


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Grancru(z5 MI)

If the leader is dead simply cut it off and maybe stake one of the other branches to train a new leader. If it looks like there is still life let it go a little to see if it will push new growth.
As for the branch, throw it away. The window for grafting has passed until after the summer push and the piece you have will be no good. It most likely will not root and if it does it will be weak and probably not survive a couple years only to dissappoint.

Best of luck!

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Ok i have a tree i would also like to take cuttings from but sources on the internet are quite conflicting. Some say cuttings won't work while others say they have 80% success. Has anyone here successfully taken cuttings from a Japanese maple?

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A couple rules of thumb.....

1.The vigor of the given cultivar can often tell you the "ease of rooting"...strong growing forms root easier than slower forms.
2.Acer pal. diss. forms can be rooted...but poor root system and resulting growth rate leave a lot to be desired.

Years ago an older nurseryman in Canby,Orygun used to root several dozen cultivars and he figured it out over many years, the bonsai folks loved it........

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I would suggest that you read the section on Acer palmatum in Michael Dirrs book. You will get a good idea of all the factors involved. In order to root A.p. you will have to:
1. take the cuttings at the right time of year
2. use the correct medium
3. use the recommended growth regulator treatment
4. provide the right atmosphere for rooting
5. provide the correct light intensity.
... and more.

I would recommend trying layering. The 'weeping' varieties have lots of branches close to the ground so layering is really easy. I've produced dozens of new plants of many different A.p. varieties by layering. It takes about 5minutes to do a layer. You do have to wait a year or two for a good root system to develop but you can then just sever the branch and you have a new plant ready to go.

Hope this helps,

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I have propagating 'Bloogood' Japanese maples from cuttings for a few years. This year I stuck over 5,000 of them several of them are already forming roots. They grow off as good or better than grafted 'Bloodgood' that some of my friends have.


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afss(5b ?? Nova Scotia)

what about air layering, will it work?

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What is the best root stock to graft onto ?

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We purchased a variety of Japanese Maples and before we could plant them all one of the larger ones tipped over and crushed the small lacey red one knocking off all its branches. All that is left is the main trunk, about 8 inches tall. Is there any hope of salvaging this little tree? It looks as though it had been grafted in the past so I wondered if it could be grafted again. Any help would be appreciated!

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To the best of my knowledge the following cultivars can be rooted from cuttings:

Japanese Maples Grown From Cuttings
(No Parentheses: Unqualified, Will Grow Using
Any Method)

Acer shirasawanum (softwood cuttings)
Aconitifolium (softwood cuttings)
AdrianâÂÂs Compact
Aka omote (softwood cuttings)
Amber Ghost
Attaryi (softwood cuttings)
Autumn Moon (softwood cuttings)
Aureum (softwood cuttings)
Baby Ghost
Beni kawa (softwood cuttings)
First Ghost
Geisha Gone Wild
Ghost Dancer
Giant Moon (softwood cuttings)
Glowing Embers (softwood cuttings)
Grandma Ghost
Green Elf (semi-hardwood cuttings)
GwenâÂÂs Rose Delight
Itaya (softwood cuttings)
Kurabu yama
Ki setsudde
Meigetsu (softwood cuttings)
Microphyllum (softwood cuttings)
Mikawa nishiki
Moonrise (softwood cuttings)
Oto hime (softwood cuttings)
Orido nishiki
Peve Dave
Red Dawn (softwood cuttings)
OâÂÂisami (softwood cuttings)
Oregon Fern (softwood cuttings)
Otaki (softwood cuttings)
Red Dawn (softwood cuttings)
Ruby Ridge
RuthâÂÂs Red
Sango kaku
Seiun kaku
Shira Red (softwood cuttings)
Sister Ghost
Takinogawa (softwood cuttings)
Vitifolium (softwood cuttings)
Yama kagi (softwood cuttings)

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Do not have as wide a selection, but those I do have, have rooted easily, using nothing special. Al

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