Starting pear cuttings

jmmedeiros(z9USA,CALIFORNI)June 22, 2005

My neighbor has a pear tree close to my fence that produces delicious mid size pears. It produces abundantly and the pears mature at the end of summer. I do not know exactly the name of the variety. I was planning to have this variety grafted. For that reason I bought about two years ago a 3 gallon pear plant in home depot. The plant grew fast and looked very vigorous. Last summer it was killed by fireblight.It looks like it was carried over from one of the pear trees from my neighbor by insects. My neigbor's tree survived with the loss of a few branches only, since it was a mature plant.The other pear trees from my neighbor were not affected, including the one I am planning to propagate in my garden. I would like to know if I can start this pear in question from cuttings. What would be the best time to start the cuttings? The best part of the tree to do it? The best time of the year? The best rooting mixture/combination? The best rooting hormone to use? When to transplant? Is this tree going to be as fruitful, good and resistant as my neighbors tree? The fruits are going to be as good? Do you suggest trying to plant another pear tree and then later on graft my neighbor's variety on it? I appreciate advise. Jaime

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Cuttings taken in June of ffirm new growth. Apply 0.8% IBA (Rooting hormone) stick in well drained soil & mist. Check cutting to see if it shows any sign of fire blight

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