Rooting mums

pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)June 22, 2011

I always do my rooting of mums by placing the cutting in Rootone, then planting it in potting mix. Can Mums be rooted in water also? I put some cuttings in water yesterday to try it. Anybody successful in rooting Mums in water?

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Not sure about rooting in water. My family has been a commercial grower of pot mums since the 50's, they dip the cuttings in hormex, and then place in pots in the prop area. Cuttings are rooted under plastic tents with bottom heat @ around 75 degrees if I remember correctly and kept extremely wet. If the tents are not used then the cutting are misted for 10-15 seconds every 15 min during daylight hours. They are also under extended photo period regardless of time of year.

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