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lovelycherry(Z7 Long Island)September 12, 2007


I live on Long Island on what I call landscaper way. Every other lot has landscapers storing equipement on them. Very early in the morning they load up the trucks and are gone for the day and return around 5-6 pm. So it is very quiet all day.

Since moving into this house a new landscaper has arrived two doors down. His trucks stink of gasoline. It smells in my yard from late Saturday through Monday morning and every night from 5pm. The smell comes and goes as smells do.

I have a screened porch which has become unusable since this business moved in.

I called the police and filed a report, they said they called the business and reported the smell of gasoline, but it has not gotten any better.

Any ideas on how I might proceed with this? Is it legal?

If gasoline is properly stored should it smell?

Gas stations don't even smell like this.

I think maybe bamboo might help keep the smell down but they may take years.

Thanks, Cherry

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Ordinarily I'm on the side of "what they do on their property is their business," but improperly stored fuel is a pretty big problem. If your homes are in such close proximity, he should be storing his fuel cans in a safety cabinet. I don't know if it's a law, but it's the smart thing.

Also, you may want to check with your local zoning office. I live in a little cowtown, but the only reason I was granted a home-occupancy business license was because I do not store machinery or fuel at my home. The laws may or may not be the same where you live, but it's worth looking into.

I don't think bamboo would help, and... you don't want to do that to yourself.


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gata(z5a NH)

um, have you tried talking with the neighbor?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

If there is a strong smell of gasoline off and on, then something is leaking. THAT can be an environmental and legal issue. Gasoline fumes are what ignite, creating a fire.

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lovelycherry(Z7 Long Island)

I had called the police because it is a landscaper yard. No one is home so there is no one to talk to, just the workers who I am not sure speak english.

If I smell it again (I haven't smelled anything in a few days, maybe just due to the wind shift) I will call the fire department and report it as a gas fume leak.
I live two doors down from the gas smelling yard, but the neighbors right nest door couldn't even open their windows due to the smell. If we band together it will help.

thanks for the responses, Cherry

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