cjohansenJuly 17, 2013

I've noticed that some spiders are webbing up a few of my plants. They seem to especially love the very bushy thai pepper plants. Is this something to worry about?

Earlier today I picked off lots of web around one plant, and even discovered something hanging below a leaf, which I believe was some eggs :( A few hours later, I came back, and the damn thing has executed his revenge: Lots more web, this time spanning as much as six plants.

Should I just let him at it, or is this a problem for the plants?

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I usually let them be, but just be sure he/she did not set up shop because of an abundant food supply. If you don't want them around use a stick and move them after awhile of that they will move on.


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This is in my green house, which is this thing I slide off two ways (see picture - this is just a small opening, on good days I pull them off entirely). There tends to be lots of insects in here, so I guess it is good feeding ground for a spider.

I haven't actually seen any spiders, just the web forming. I'll keep picking off what I see I guess.

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Just make sure it isn't spider MITES.


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pretty neat little setup you have there .as long as its not spider mites i would not worry to much

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spiders are some of your best friends, leave them be.
the little jumping ones are most awesome, especially for taking care of fungus gnats in pots, they stalk the soil surface and wait for gnats to emerge or land,then devour them. helped me very much this spring, the little fuzzy killing machines :D

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Today I discovered some holes in the leaves in some of the plants surrounding the plants previously woven in spider web. Something to worry about or not?

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I wouldn't worry. I agree 100% with Teyo. I usually let spiders be. The way I see it, spiders eat insects. I don't want several kinds of insects on my plants. Obviously excluding bees or other beneficial insects. If the spider eats the bad insects without hurting my plant, then he gets free rent. The enemy of my enemy is my friend!


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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

The spiders that hunt insects, most weave web, are harmless and even beneficial. They are even beneficial in the house but their webs are eye sores. In the garden, the can cause inconvenience by blocking the walkways. But other than that they are friends.

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Got a picture of the web? I get rid of the cottony ones as they tend to pull the leaves/branches too close for comfort. I encourage spiders, legit spiders and not mites, to take up residence on my plants. They eat the bad guys like ants and grasshoppers.

As to the holes, there are many ways that can happen. Beetles (Japanese, etc), grasshoppers, slugs, caterpillars...

I tend to cut the leaf off at the stem so the plant doesn't waste energy trying to repair the damage. Most of that damage is done at night. Grab a flashlight and check it out late at night. You will be surprised at the rave party going on right under your nose!!!

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mctiggs(2b (WPG, MB))

Why would ants be considered bad guys? They were a huge help in getting rid of my aphids, and don't seem to cause any damage. They cleared away the aphids and then buggered off.

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