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ian_wa(Sequim)September 20, 2007

This has been covered to some degree before, but the threads I found in a search didn't quite provide the answers I was looking for.

I need to make specialized plant tags (1 x 5" or 1 x 6") with my nursery name and info, plant name and a short description. I don't need the option to print strip labels but if the additional cost were minimal I would consider it. What I don't need is a lot of bells and whistles - I don't need to print bar codes or a lot of the other extras I have seen with these systems. Even so, to print these plastic tags probably means I will have to buy a specialized printer, which as far as I have seen will be about $3000. Has anyone seen any less expensive alternatives? Is there a market out there for second hand printers?

Pot stickers are much less expensive of course (in fact very easy with MS word and an old laser printer), and I have used them a little bit but found them to be impractical for my purposes.


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You may find something useful in the thread below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plant Labels

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