Naga Morich, Bhut jalokia, naga jolokia all the same pepper?

DarylltxJuly 18, 2012

It seems pictures of the Bhut jalokia on google have a slender look and the Naga has a more blunt look. question: are all these peppers essentially the same pepper? The only one I ever grew seems to look like a naga morich. My plant is now 4 feet tall and with the recent week long rain in texas, it is starting to bloom again. But no blooms turn to peppers because of the over 90 temperature. I know one thing, the only one I grew I dried and today I ate one miniscule fleck (a pencil points worth) of skin with no seeds or flesh and my tongue, lips, and throat throbbed for 15 minutes. Wow... I thought my chile piquins were hot. Ill post a pic of when plant was small and see if pepper looks like a Naga Morich.

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All the Naga / Jolokias originate from the Assam and Nagaland regions of India. There are a number of variations.

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Sorry for a 2nd post, I forgot to add Manipur as the third region these peppers come from. As I said, there are a number of variations, probably from crossing with other varieties in the various areas.

The one thing consistent amongst all of them is that they are all crazy hot!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

What you show us looks closest to the Bhut Jolokia that I've grown.
In my opinion, there can be no confusing the Bhut Jolokia and the Naga Morich -
they are two entirely distinct phenotypes. As far as "Naga Jolokia,"
I don't know because I've never grown it.

People throw names around, mislabel plants, and are sometimes misinformed as to the
type of plants they have.


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Agreed. As per a previous discussion, some of us have experienced mixed seeds with Bhuts and Nagas mixed together from certain vendors. I'm sure that genetically, there are very minor differences, but they are still considered different strains.

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If you have some time I found my bookmark (in my mess of saved bookmarks) this morning to an excellent write up titled Saga Jolokia by Harald Zoschke over at the Fiery Foods website.

It's a bit dated but still a valid read IMHO.

If you do get through it, for what it's worth, I'm not entirely sure I agree with the Frontal Agritech persons statement that "Naga jolokia, Nagahari, Bhut jolokia, Bih jolokia or Borbih jolokia are the same chilli but named differently at different places". For example I, and others, have observed at least one subtle but consistent difference between the Bhut and Bih Jolokia where the Bih tends to grow straighter. Another example is the Naga Moresh and Dorset Naga. Both are thought to be from the same Bangladeshi branch but there is a distinct difference between the two in that the Dorset puts out smaller pods. Just my subjective two cents ;-)



Here is a link that might be useful: Saga Jolokia

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Yep, Bill is right about the differences betwixt the Bhut/Bih and the Dorset/Morich,
all four of which I grew from his seed (and noted the same distinctions).


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