propagating oleander?

elly29June 27, 2006

I have tried several times to propagate oleader with no success. The rooting media I use is sand and another time I used peatmoss. Is there an easier way?

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)
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west_texas_peg(8a West Cen TX)

I root oleander in water.

Take your cuttings, then split the ends with two cuts to open it up about 2 to 3 inches. I push a cubed piece I have cut from a florist oasis, then put in water (I use milk jug I have cut the top out of...I can write on the jug what color it is). After they get a good showing of roots, I pot them up and wait till spring.

It takes longer to root some than others. I rooted a dozen white ones this winter, about 6 or more pink ones but ended up with just one red (last year rooted 6 or more of the red).

My mother-in-law taught me this...she rooted many through the years.

We live in her home now and her red oleander is a huge bush which we need to move so I wanted to be sure I had cuttings plus made sure my sister-in-law has one.

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First I cut the leaves off the portion that will sit in water. Then I put cuttings in water. Change the water at least twice a day. Put the cuttings in a sunny location indoors. Some require a LOT of patience. I've noticed that the more you damage the cutting/branch the less likely it is the root -- usually rot and die. The most common source of failure is lack of sunlight. Remember that the cuttings still have the same basic lighting needs as the parent plant.

Hope that helps.

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little_dani(9, S. Tex Coast)

Your member page doesn't say what zone you are in, but we have lots of oleanders here on the Texas coast, so I will share what we do.

Take a cutting from stock about 1/2-3/4" in diameter. Make a good diagonal cut about 1/4" below a node, and strip all the leaves except for a few on top.

Dip in hormone powder, and tap to remove the excess. A bit too little is better than a bit too much. Make a hole in a 1 gallon pot that is filled with DAMP sand and soil conditioner, or 50-50 peat and perlite,also damp. Pull the medium up aroung the cutting nice and snug and set under a tree, out of the sun.

It takes awhile for them to root, but they are really pretty easy.


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tabbycat55(z6 Ont Canada)

Oleanders are house plants where I live. I cut growing tips off my plant, about 6 inches, dust with rooting hormone and simply pot up in a very light potting mix. I cover with clear plastic to increase humidity, put on my light stand and wait. A six inch pot with about 3 tips will give you a nice start. I once cut a bloom and put in water. Noticed it started to root and left it for WEEKS! I ended up potting up the quite dense root ball and it's growing fine.
Wendy in southern Ontario, Canad.

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I tried the first suggestion about splitting the stem two ways and put them in water. I then put in a couple of willow branches in with them and they rooted in just a couple of weeks! Thank you all for your suggestions!

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can you grow from seed like from their pods

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I took 3 healthy cuttings from a blooming Oleander plant in late May. These cuttings were about 9 inches from the tip of the branch. Please make sure the cuttings are blemish free and barks are slightly greenish. I put them in glass jar about 6 inches under the water. First 2 weeks I put 3 drops of Miracle-Grow Liquid Houseplant food in the water. Changed water once a week and keep them in a sunny window shelf. I noticed in four weeks - small white roots emerged in the bottom. At the same time - green shoots emerged from the the canes. I planted each cane in a gallon pot for a year to grow before putting them in the ground next year. I am in the Dallas area.

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