mystery pepper (mislabeled seed package) with pic

bri1010July 1, 2011

So I bought a pack of jalapeno seeds from the hardware store early this spring, as an afterthought (i purchased all of my other seeds from reputable sources), and now that the plant is bearing fruit, I'm thinking that it is not what it said it is. Here is a pic. My sunglasses are next to the pepper, to try to give it some scale.

My question is: what is it, and is it ripe?

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Looks to me like an Anaheim / NuMex type.

Can be used green or let ripen to red.

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Great, thanks for the lead! So if I wanted to pick them green, would they be ready yet, or should I wait for them to get bigger/darker green?

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That is about the right shade and size for an anaheim or numex green chile, the only question is does it feel firm and a little waxy to the touch, if so, pick it, rinse it, and eat it up, they r fantastic roasted!

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I harvested about 5 of them today, roasted them, and stuffed em with cream cheese, cheddar, fresh chives, then stuck them under the broiler. Delicious!! I can't wait for later in the season when they pick up a little more heat.

Thanks for the pointers!

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Those look so delicious. Definately in the Anaheim, Pablano, NuMex green chile family. Maybe even a Big Jim.
Check out the below link, to New Mexico State University's "Chile Pepper Institute". Scroll down through the chiles on that page and you will see some that look like your photo.

They look great to me.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Chile Pepper Inhstitute

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Awesome! I'm still waiting on mine, can't wait!

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Definitely not a jalapeno. As others have said, it looks like a Numex type, possibly a Big Jim. Variable heat, but mostly mild-medium. As you have discovered, it makes a great rellano. And when roasted and peeled, chop those puppies into a nice dice, freeze in ice cube trays then transfer into ziplocks and freeze. You will never buy canned green chiles again . . . .

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Everything I read says to roast/peel them before use. While I LOVED them when I prepared them like that last week, I was wondering if they can be used raw? If I can, once they pick up a little more heat, they would probably be great sliced on tacos, burgers, pizzas, etc., or diced in salsas.

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I've always heard to roast/peel as well, never tried them raw / without peeling. I don't see why you couldn't though. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes!

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trust me when I say to you that anaheims, big jims and all of the new mex types are just fine raw chopped up and sprinkled on salad or tacos, or sauteed w, onions and garlic, or pickled, or any other way u would use a green unripe pepper, they are always mentioned roasted because, that is how they do it in new mexico. In fact when I lived in santa fe, every fall, every grocery store in town has big roasters out front and they sell them roasted by the pound, its funny cause from late august till early october the whole town smells like roasted chiles :) Ps if you want to harvest them green, stress ur plants a bit to get extra heat out of them, dont water for a couple of days before you pick them and preferably pick them in the heat of the day, the chiles from hatch, NM are always way hotter during the hot arid years, I have had hatch new mex types that would rival habaneros during drought years!

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