i put in display gardens for a farmstand

lizzianthus(5nh)October 30, 2005

i work for trade at a farmstand that also is a store for produce i am a master gardener as well as a past certified organic farmer i would like any ideas to help the farm to promote sales,so far so good in what i have done but i want to do more it is late in the season but any ideas for spring is most wanted. i have 8 beds 40 feet long and also can do whatever i want

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Hi lizzianthus,

Are you trying to promote plant sales with your beds? Or just sales in general? Or are your plans to sell from the beds?

Farm stands offer a huge opportunity for ornamental plant sales. Ornamentals can offer a farm stand early sales and summer produce can offer extended sales for ornamentals.


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Display gardens are a passion of mine but you really have to keep good records to see if it actually improves sales. My guess would be that a nice display garden will efficiently get the message across to anyone driving by about what you sell and who you are. There is no cheaper or better form of advertisement. But you can also make it work for you by harvesting product from it and selling from it directly.

Understand that a spiffy display may not immediately improve cash flow - its affect will be in the long term. After people have seen it over and over. It will be the one thing they remember.

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