Hand Pollinating Cacao

pestocat(9)June 9, 2007

After reading Lisa's message Small Cacao Thrill I got the idea to try to hand pollinate the blossoms on my Cacao tree. First thought was to use a Q-Tip to spread the pollen. Then I thought better and maybe an opened paper clip would be better. Getting more serious I looked at the Cacao blossom with microscope. Now I see I must use a needle. Here is where I need some help from an expert. The blossom has 5 stamens that surround the ovary at the bottom and then the stigma is at the top is where the pollen must land. The real key problem is that the blossom only lasts a day and when does the pollen open up on the top of the stamen. Has anybody tried to do hand pollinating of the Cacao blossom. Any words of would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


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