cuttings alive but turning deep red in the sun - problem?

pogonipJune 26, 2009

I recently took a cutting from a healthy "medusa's head" succulent plant (Euphorbia flanaganii), rooted it in a propagation chamber and then planted them in a small container with a cactus soil mix. About a month has gone by, and I've noticed that it has become progressively darker, and is now almost entirely a deep red. It is still alive, but it looks as though any new growth it sends out is dying.

I figure this is happening because I have it in a west-facing window, but am a bit confused because I believe it is receiving as much or less light than the mother plant was. I'm also witnessing this in other succulent cuttings I've put in the same location, even ones whose mother plants were getting 6-9 hours of direct sun each day.

My question is, is this a sign that the plant is unhealthy? Should I move them? In the future, should I wait longer before placing cuttings in full sun? (This time I waited about two weeks for them to root in bright indirect light). Any help would be appreciated...



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cody_mi(z5 MI)

they're probably a bit too tender for full sun. move them to a slightly shadier spot and then very slowly (every couple days/once a week) move them to their full time home.

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