Promoting Bud Break in Cuttings

palazzophoto(8)June 26, 2014

I used some dip n grow at 5x diluition to root a number of fig tree cuttings. They got massive root growth but the IBA/auxin in the rooting hormone is inhibiting bud break and im afraid some will not bud out at all. I was considering using a foliar spray of silver thiosulfate or gibberellic acid to induce bud break.
The idea is to promote bud break/leaf growth so the cutting can photosynthesize and not die.
Does anyone have any experience using either?

Will these inhibit future root development if used in the recommended concentrations?

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

The purpose of cuttings is to promote root growth, and you have done that. Dont worry about bud break it will come. To many times you will have foliage growth on your cuttings but no roots and the cutting dies when the energy stored in the cutting is gone. Al

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