Ghost pepper bhut jolokia

jannonbJuly 16, 2013

This is my first time growing this type of pepper is this a normal looking stalk and what kinda tips and tricks can any of you off to get the best peppers possibly thanks look forward to hearing back

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Well first thing, set the plant upright. They don't like trying to grow sideways.

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Looks like a sucking insect has attacked your plant.
There are several that do that.
Black dots are where they dug in.
Problem is,the bugs spread diseases.
I never figured out if the spots are black because of damage or some nasty disease spreading.
Not good either way.
I have noticed a lot of times the black seems to only be on certain branches.Others seem to be not effected.
Maybe whatever got spread doesn't go throughout the whole plant,or it might depend on the particular plant.

I've had plants not hurt by the black spots,others almost died or did die eventually.
Last year a swarm of some kind of mini beetle attacked a few plants.
I forget what they were,real small brown,lady bug type looking beetles.
When they mate they swarm....
They were only around a few hours(they like other stuff better than peppers,but will suck juice from them if that is the only plants around).
The nursery called them something like love beetles because they swarm when they mate and the ones you see are usually mating.
They seemed to swarm,cover everything in the garden then disappear just as fast.
Days latter my plants were covered with the black dots.
I guess they like a meal after they mated...
They LOVED my Horseradish Plant the best.\Nursey guy said they raise hell with Lettuce,greens etc.
The leaves looked brown instead of green there were so many of them.
They don't do much permanent damage to horseradish,I just pulled all the leaves and it re grew them.
Horseradish is almost impossible to kill.
Only way I know to kill it is to water it and rot the roots,takes A LOT of water though.
It's like Kudzu,if you planted it in the ground it spreads out everywhere.
I grow in pots that are on asphalt,they work their way out my drain holes and grow new plants in the cracks coming up yards away in another crack.

Hope you find out what critter did the feeding.
If I remember right,I think leaf hoppers can do it too.
They are hard to find.I've watched them watch my hand going to squash them and they are fast at walking behind the stem etc. so you can't get them.

I'd go with one of the many sucking beetles though.
Leaf minors also attack leaves and it looks like you don't have leaf damage.

The dark in your pic of the place where your leaf meets the stem is normal coloration(bottom of the pic).
The dots on the stem aren't.
In the long run,I think if your plant is otherwise healthy,they will stay that way even if some nasty infected it with something.
Like I said,some plants get really messed up eventually but most get over it.
Might depend on health and OR variety.

I never could see any difference but some guys swear by adding an aspirin or 2 to their water to fight viruses.
Others say make a tea out of birch bark(has a similar aspirin type thing in it.).

I've found,in general I kill more plants with love than if I sucked it up(my protective instincts for my plants) and just kept thing going as usual.
I think changing the way you do things doesn't help a sick plant.
I think a different nute or whatever change,ADDS to the plants stress and MIGHT actually hurt the plant.
Basically let nature do it's thing.
IF your plant was happy,leave it alone so it can concentrate on growing,not getting used to new stuff + fighting whatever it has to deal with.
Just my opinion,worth exactly what you paid for it. $0,00. :)

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