Moles eating my new plants. HELP!

Beginner2(z5PA)June 20, 2005

In early summer I planted number of new plants from cuttings and they are doing quite well until the last couple weeks, I found more and more plants were destroyed or eaten by moles. I am pretty sure it is mole, who has been sabotaging my hard work, because I see many holes in the flower beds. Sometimes I see them running from bush to bush. Please help me to find a way to keep this monster out of my garden. Any advice will be appreciated.

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FlytrpL8E(z8b CA)

Hey there Beginner,
If you are adverse to trapping these pesky critters, there is this product called Milky Spore which kills off the grub of the japanese Beatle. It is kinda pricey, but is supposed to last for up to 10 years. If intersted in this product,jest google it and a bunch of on line sellers pop up.
Thanx for listening and keep 'em plants growin'

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These aren't likely to be moles; for one thing, moles rarely if ever "run from bush to bush." For another, their tunnels rarely if ever have entrance holes. Moles certainly have the potential to damage roots, but they are strictly carnivores, eating worms, grubs and the like. But it sounds more like you've got a plant-eating rodent, or perhaps more than one kind of critter.

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Thank Lois and Clibanatius for your advice.

Clibanatius, I do not know exactly what ate my plants, I sometimes saw rabbit, but mostly moles or rodent (that black, small creature)in my garden. Can I use Milky Spore to spread around to terminate all of them? Do you have other ways to keep them out?

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Tom_w(Z7 - Ala)

The first thing you have to do is identify the animal you are trying to control.
Milky Spore will eliminate the worms and grubs which are a food source for Moles. The mole will make a small mounded tunnel that is only about an inch or two high, and 2-3 inches wide. It is very easy to see, and they will sometimes push that tunnel under your young plants, but they will not eat them. You will rarely if ever see one outside their tunnel.
Voles on the other hand are vegetarians, make little holes that are entrances to their hiding place. They look like little black or dark brown rats or mice.

There are poisons that will help control them both to some extent, but is not always 100% effective. Here at Lowes they have a product that comes in a cone shaped container and has toxic pellets that you put in the runs. The small end of the cone is used to open the run of moles. One such product is called "Poison Peanuts"

If you have rabbits doing the damage, you may need to trap it. Or, your County Agents office may have other approved methods to offer.

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Millie_36(Z6b MO)

I suspect the problem is voles...the control measures are the same as for mice.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Beginner2, moles damage plants by tunneling under them leaving roots dangling in air, and pushing up mounds of earth to bury crowns. An intricate network of tunnels can drain off your irrigation water too quickly. They don't eat vegetative material.

You have something else in your garden. Trust me, I have more experience with moles than any one gardener would ever need :) (DH actually killed one with a foresters pick over the weekend; he saw the earth move in my perennial bed, waited and swung. I'll spare you the details of his aim, but can say that mole tummy was full - really full - of night crawlers and earthworms that I want in my garden.)

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Hi all

Thank you very much for your responses. So the creature that I am talking about could be voles or mice, and moles could be innocent!. I will see what I can buy from Home Depot or Lowes to keep them away from my garden.

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