bought a cloning machine-anyone have one?

sandy0225(z5 Indiana)June 9, 2008

I've wanted a cloning machine forever and I finally bought one. Has anyone every tried one?

I got an ezclone, but no I'm not cloning anything illegal! I wanted to try dogwood tree, hydrangea, privet, and anything else I can get my hands on. Some tropical plants like bouganvilla and mandevilla and allamanda, and I have a kind of rare peony I'd like to try too.

Let me know what you've tried if you have one (legal stuff!) ...They definitely seem to be marketed for marijuana growers!

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Yes I have an ezclone too. I just potted up a batch of wave petunia cuttings I had in it tonight.
I've had it for a couple of years and have had GREAT luck using it.
Everytime a branch breaks off of anything...It goes in the cloning machine...LOL
Sometimes, friends/neighbors will put stuff in there too. I'll come home and there will be some little addition in there.

I've had good luck with a lot of different things: sandcherry shrub cuttings, hydrangea, sedum, hardy geraniums, even a few hosta "chunks" that were rootless that accidentally got chopped off.
The hydrangea did root pretty good, took about 4 weeks if I remember right and 3 out of 4 cuttings took root.

So how big is your ezclone?

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

I bought the 60 site one. I should have bought bigger, but it was quite an investment. I can see now that it's too small!
I have butterfly bush, hydrangea, magnolia, japanese maple, peony stem cuttings, and an unknown variegated plant that I have in the yard that I kind of like. I'm wanting to do sandcherry, golden privet, dogwood, variegated dogwood and double rose of sharon next.
This time of year I also make use of the waterfall/stream on my fish pond for propagation too. I can easily root hostas, cut off banana pups with no roots, curly willow and brugmansia in there.

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How did you root hostas? Just a leaf cutting or do you need more of the stem base?

I just finished off a batch of wave petunias. Each year I buy one each of several different colors and then take cuttings to have more. They sprout roots very quick (1-2 weeks).

I've just been working on loading up my propagator with sandcherry cuttings. I'm not sure if I should take newer growth or year old growth or what. So I'm trying several different cuts and we'll see what works. I'll add some lilac cuttings too. Then I'll have to parooose the yard and see what else I can whip up :)

I have the 120 one. But I find that other than a couple of times during the summer I usually don't have it full. But I'm not complaining :) It was a gift and I love it!

Feel free to email me directly. I'd love to swap results :)

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msjacki(z7 TN)

I am looking at buying one too. I just read however, that the water temp needs to be under 80 degrees. That would mean I'd have to use it indoors? Could you elaborate on where and how you use yours? I'd really like to have it in my greenhouse but after the info I just read it appears that it will be too hot there because it stated that the temps must be cool. Any info you could give me would be appreciated.


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Did those of you who have one buy it direcly from the ezclone website? I have been thinking about buying one but the $300+ price tag is giving me pause.

Do you put the machine under lights while the plants are cloning? Like Jacki I would like more info.


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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

So far I've had success on butterfly bush and tricolor geranium. I potted them up today. The perennial sweet peas seem to be forming root initials now, a little slower. The magnolias, a couple of them look promising, but most of them dried up. No progress on the peony yet but it doesn't look like it's dying either.
Yes, I have a greenhouse too, but I'm using it in the basement under a grow light with my victoria water lilies that I'm sell. It's too hot and I'd imagine too bright in the greenhouse.
I just stuck some sandcherry stems in there too. I'd like to have more of them. Even though they attract Japanese beetles.
I think the next thing I'm trying is hardy hibiscus.
I got mine from a local store, but if I wasn't so much into the buy local thing right now I would have ordered from the website because they are cheaper there.

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Do you use pure water in your cloning machines or do you have to add a liquid fert.?

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Hi, I had some posts up here and for some reason the gardenweb folks decided that I was spamming - jeez, how can a post on a relevant topic be spam, I don't know - so here I go again trying to help folks...So, if you find this post helpful or the link to my website helpful, please chime in and let me know...Maybe the gardenweb folks will see that I'm actually trying to help, not spam!

I agree, most of the cloning machines are very high priced and seem to be mainly geared towards pot growers, so to save some money, I built my own. I used a simple rubbermaid latchable tote, 31 quart I believe, drilled a few holes in a pvc spray bar, attached some 360 degree sprayers and a 345gph pump and a 100 watt aquarium heater to keep the temp above 72

I use thrive-alive B1 - 1/2 cup per my 8 gallon reservoir in the cloner. I cut my clones, dip instantly in cloning gel, then plop the clone in a cup of the thrive-alive diluted solution while I cut my other clones. As soon as I have 10 clones (the amount of sites in my box) I then insert each one in the neoprene sleeves and that's it. I use a 110 watt CFL lamp about 6" above the plants and after 7 days I had some excellent clones. I have more info on my site, please see my profile here for the link - lots of pics and more info on my hydro and aeroponic growing projects.

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afss(5b ?? Nova Scotia)

Do you have a written out instructional?
Wondering what you figure it cost you to build your cloner?
Ever try tree cuttings?

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technologygarden Hi, I had some posts up here and for some reason the gardenweb folks decided that I was spamming - jeez, how can a post on a relevant topic be spam, I don't know

I can tell you how, because your website is commerial for you. You CAN NOT ADVESTISE HERE!

However, if you would like to change your name to something OTHER THEN your website name and then GIVE ALL OF US DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS FOR FREE WITH PICTURES INCLUDED on how you made your HOMEMADE CLONER then that would be really really be appreciated, because although those ezcloners are nice, I can't afford one. REMEMBER: Your detailed instructions would be appreciated!!!

Sorry ya'll.

ANYWHO, Ya'll are so lucking to have one of those cloners. I have seen them and didn't really think they would work.

I would like to know how you do your hostas too. I have never been able to root one. I am not good at rooting most things and one of these sure would be neat.

Sandy and dirtbert (what a neat name! btw) I would like to talk to ya'll about some of your rooted cuttings maybe we could work out a trade for some of them,,,hummm? Do you two do any trading?
Anyway, let me know if you would like too, or just email about your results and tips... Thanks!!!
:) Fran

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Hi Fran, thanks for the reply. THe moderators here apparently don't want me to put a link back to my website using the "LINK" form at the end of each posting, so if someone wants to visit my site for pics and how-tos, they can view my profile. My website is not a commercial venture by any means, I am simply s[preading the good word about hydroponics and aeroponics, and showing how easy it is to build your own. My first goal is education and showing off my stuff I built - I am not selling anything that I make and not trying to advertise, simply am replying to folks and showing off some of the pics.

I am working on the cloning box how-to and should have something shortly, I;ve been away for a week and was working on adding a fogger "add-on" to my cloner, so now it uses 360 degree sprayers, and also "fogs" up the chamber nicely with the fogger add on I just built. I'll try and work on the howto this week.

In any case, thanks for the reply and I'll continue to post here without linking to my site in each posting

happy cloning!

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technologygarden, you should start your on post, with something like: Hydroponics and Aeroponics Imformation you should know as your title.
As long as you do not link your site here you should be ok.
The 'moderators' here would interrupt your site as commercial because of the way it is set-up, it looks very professional and you have a BUY section on it, even if it is NOT you selling. That would be seen as commerical, even if YOU intened it only as a helpful link.

Ok that being said, I for one would like your help on this matter, please email me if you will I have questions for you.

Sandy, I'm sorry. Not trying to high-jack your post, just trying to be helpful, I hope I am.

Sandy, I hope you keep us posted on your results with you new machine, I went looking for them. Gee whiz, they are really espensive. Thanks!!!

:) Fran

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Thanks for the suggestions Fran...and the nice comments about my site. My site is anything but commercial, its a personal hobby site setup simply to help spread the good word of Hydroponics and Aeroponics, and I found the book How-To-Hydroponics but it lacked some of the "how to get started" info - so I started my tutorials to help.

My site runs from my home server on my cable modem in my living room. I simply setup a wordpress theme and took some pics, started writing. In any case, I've had great comments on what I've done and CNN also did a story recently on my setup, it was on CNN IReporter TV and they did a phone interview. overall it was fun and helped spread the word of hydro. In any case, its not a commercial site, I've yet to make any money and my number one goal is education. I would like to find a sponsor for some hydro gear (mainly nutrients) so i can do some reviews on their products and help defer my costs. Otherwise, I work for free for the love of the hobby! More tutorials on building a cloning box soon...

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

I am curious about this topic. What exactly is a 'cloning machine'? Is it different from a propagator? The pictures technologygarden shows are of tomatoes which are the easiest things in the world to proagate so they're not a good example of this' machine's' powers. Sandy0225 refers to butterfly bush and geraniums which again are simple to grow from cuttings in the open garden. In fact most of the things people have mentioned here would root easily using traditional cuttings techniques eg hydrangea, hardy hibiscus etc (Both these will root if you just stick a twig in the ground outdoors.) So what exactly does this 'machine' look like and what can it do? I've never seen or heard of one over here. Is it what we would call a mist propagator? Googling hasn't enlightened me. Can someone explain please?

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The cloning machine is basically a rubbermaid tote or some type of container, with holes inthe top (1-7/8") to hold 2" neoprene inserts. These Neoprene inserts hold onto the cutting and the bottom of the cutting sits in the middle of the "air" inside the chamber is bombarded/sprayed/misted with warm nutrient water. I simply take a cutting, dip it in olivia's cloning gel, then place inside the neoprene insert and thats it. A 110 watt 6500K CFL light about 6" from the cutting is on about 16 hours a day, and the water temp stays about 75-82 - perfect for rooting. I get roots in about 5-6 days. I also just added an "add-on" fogger onto mine, so one sprayer carries the nutrient water up to the "fogger box" on top, and the fogger sits in there and fogs up the nutrient rich water, then since it's heavier it "drops" down into the main chamber, fogging that all up with nutrient rich "fog" - making the relative humidity 100% - and the micromist/fog makes it even easier for the plant to suck up the nutrients and helps rooting

Hope this helps, do some more searches and you'll find plenty of ones on the market for BIG $$$$ - try and they have some listed on their site

I'll be working more on my "howto" tutorial on building one of these on my site shortly

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Hi all, for those that emailed me about the cloning machine howto, It's up and live on my site now with pics. I hope this helps those that had questions

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lovethosepalms(z6 ky)


Sorry to be so dumb, but where do you purchase the neoprene sleeves that you put the cutting in? I have looked at your website, and I am thinking about building a cloning machine per your instructions.

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I have a wormsway store about an hour away, so I typically stock up there, but has them online. Let me know if you have trouble, most hydro shops carry them


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lovethosepalms(z6 ky)


Thanks for post, I did find them on, for 1.00 a piece and I found 10 on E-bay for 4.00. I wonder if a local nursery would have them, or some place like lowes, or other garden center. I am all excited about trying this and I hate to wait on shipping.

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Doubtful that anyone other than a hydro store would have them. I paid $1 each as well, but they are reusable. Im just lucky I have a wormsway that I can drive to....I'm not into paying shipping costs - especially on 50lbs of nutrients and hydroton!

Have fun with your cloner and keep an eye out for my next few additions - a Howto on cloning tomato cuttings and a howto build a fogger "add-on" to your cloning machine for even better results

Technology Garden

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lovethosepalms(z6 ky)


I ended up ordering those neoprene sleeves and the sprayers, I could not find them locally, however it is getting late enough now I think I will just wait till spring and put it all together, most things I wanted to clone needs to be in the ground now so they will make it through the winter.

Have you cloned any tree cuttings or something like Crape Mrytle?

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lovethosepalms(z6 ky)

Sandy how is your machine running, any luck with it? I have all the stuff to make one, it just seems like a little late to try it out here in tropical Kentucky

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technologygarden, Thank you so much for sharing the DIY cloning machine.

I would like to try to make one. Where do you get the Sunleaves 345 GPH pump? Do you think it will work if I get a water pump for pond/fountain at Home Depot or Lowe's instead?

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Has anyone tried cloning rhododendrons in a cloning machine? They are difficult to near impossible by most of the simple propagation methods.

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

Sorry to be gone so long, here's a follow up:
I've been kind of disappointed with many things I've tried in the cloning machine, but it might make a difference if I try woody things like tree cuttings in different times of the year. None of my japanese maples took.
Some things have taken very well though, like perennial sweet pea cuttings, butterfly bush(the woody kind), geraniums, rose of sharons, forsythia,snowball type hydrangea and hardy hibiscus.
I think part of the fault was mine because it said to run bleach solution through it every time and I haven't done this at all yet, I've lost several of my cuttings each time.

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I also would like to know if anyone has successfully rooted rhododendrons in an ezclone. I'm sure it will root roses, right?

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Eric, please go to 'my page' and email me a link to your instructions. Thanks!

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I've read accounts of folks having great success with roses in EZclones & similar setups. I've got a newly set-up DIY cloner that I'm putting some rose cuttings into in the next day or so. After doing some reading, it seems like it would be a good idea to use an anti-fungal water additive (Hydroguard/AquaShield seems to be well liked on other forums). The anti-fungal in the Dip-n-grow will have to do for now until I can get to town.

One trick I've seen for the DIY cloners is that, rather than just setting the neoprene "pucks" in a hole... drill the holes to accommodate a 2" net cup. The cup holds the puck perfectly... no futzing with trying to smoosh the puck into the hole. Easy to lift a cup out to check for roots, etc. The cups should also allow for greater flexibility.

I'll post pics as soon as my "tech support" is available ;)

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Can the diy fogger system be used in place of the diy cloning system? Or do I need both?


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if anybody wants to find a hydro store in the NJ or PA area let me know. fyi botanicare also makes great cloning machines. if your new to this they make an 8 sight system for $75. as opposed to the 30 site ez clone system for $300. i have used both and have found there is much less room for error if you buy the pre-made and tested systems. good luck all.

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I have been following the thread here and I thought I would chime in and add a little of what I think is missing.In a feeble attempt to save some of you some time money and heartache. So here goes. The issue isn't what you can clone in a machine the issue is why you would use one. I have a ez clone and have used it off and on for over 7 years and it works great. I also propagate cuttings in glass of water in my kitchen window.In my garden outside (weather permitting) and in soil inside,and peat pots I love them all. The reason I would use the clone machine is to do ALOT of clones quickly. Make no mistake about it anytime you automate what mother nature does on her own its MORE work,not less. Clone machines will work inside your residence or out. They are messy.wet expensive and the solution needs to be changed regularly. Plants root quickly in a machine usually 7-10 days under the right conditions.That means every two weeks you can have numerous copies of your favorite softwood cutting. Fill in the blank for what ever plant you choose to propagate.
Having said that I have also rooted Ipomoea Batatas (*sweet potato vine) in two days in a glass of water in my south facing kitchen window effortlessly. Pot growers (you know who you are) Love them because they can clone plants quickly. Gardeners love them because they can share plants with others and commercial growers like them because they can mass produce and replicate new cultivars. I bought mine because I thought the science was cool.
The keys for those who are interested to getting those wonderful cuttings are simple but laborious.If you choose to use your machine indoors. You need to provide the following:

Light - fluorescent light works best indoors use a 6500k bulb in your fixture plants love florescent light. Its hard to burn them using flo's and it has the proper wavelength for best results. Put the fixture uber close to the cuttings for best results say 6 inches away on a 18 hour a day cycle to mimic summer sun.

Oxygen- Good old o2 is supplied in vast amounts using a clone machine.Delivered via H2O your water source delivers everything the plant needs to set roots.Keep in mind these are water roots and not the same fine hairs formed during soil propagation. hey its only 10 days to soil.(but i digress)

PH - or should I say proper PH. usually 6-6.5 depending on the cultivar. PH is the potential of Hydrogen in the medium for the curious minded and in the case of a clone machine its water.

The rest of what people use just keeps problems at bay. I use a rooting hormone called Clonex in water simply because its a gel and it sticks to the open end of the plant and keeps air from entering the plant stem and causing an embolism. I leave it on for 15 minutes it has some b vitamins and such but I could just as easily place cuttings in water to avoid the same issue.I have it so I use it.

I change the water in my machine weekly,and set the ph to 6 - 6.5 and let it rip on a timer for 15 min on 15 min off to help keep water temps in check.(since the pump is actually in the well of the machine) and I dont mess with it except to check the ph levels once during mid week.

That's about it.I can go into more detail on why you do certain steps or reasons why the plants want you to do something or not but I mainly wanted to give an overview for those who have a machine are building one or for someone that is just curious about them...Hope this helps !

Millions saw the apple fall but Newton asked why!

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Hey Sandy, I would be careful using bleach (sodium hyper chloride) in my clone machine it leaves a film and is rather nasty stuff to the microbiology of your plants try using H202 instead it breaks down to water after it cleans any pythium or bad bacteria in your machine. Also try softwood cuttings of your woody plants due to the carbohydrates in the plant itself.Try the bend test to find the best place to cut for propagation,

Best of luck with your cuttings

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

Somewhere on here, several GW members have made their own cloning system and I thought I had saved her instructions. I know grows a lot of clematis and roses and lives in Texas..and another member made his own. I'll look into my favorite bookmarks and get back to you. I wished I had the room to make my own and a place to keep it. I don't think my garage would be idea. Can't keep anything in the garage during wintertime as it is unheated.

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

Sandy, if you email me, I can provide you with GW members who made their own cloning systems for propagating flowers, shrubs and vines. They made theirs using plastic storage tub, and an aqaurian pump and have been very successful.

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

Token from NC and Jeanne_Tx made their own cloning machine/aka Bubbler. Jeanne is a clematis/rose expert and Token is an expert at a lot of plants. Both are very knowledgable and were so helpful to me when I first started growing my own seeds/plants.

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upstairs, thanks for your information. It seems that there are plants you can't clone with a cloning machine. Privet for example is a banned weed here and I am sure it clones itself when I heap a pile in the garden. Is the cloning machine suitable for "difficult" plants?
It is maybe great if your don't have all that much plant material.

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Actually, I did not even know that there is such a thing as a cloning machine before. What is the advantage of a cloning machine to very usual propagation from cuttings? Do you need any special chemicals or fertilizers you have to buy?

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