Tree people need work?

pamghatten(wny5)October 21, 2006

I just was reading the "Slow Fall" thread ... many of you have read about Buffalo NY's unusual snow fall that started Oct. 12th. Some suburbs had 2 feet of wet heavy snow dumped on them in a 5 hour period, 250,000 homes were without electricity.

I was one of the lucky ones, I live South of the city and had no snow and only lost power for 18 hours. There are still 25,000+ homes without power and crews from OH, PA, MA, NH, NJ and who knows where else helping out.

Our trees were devastated ... they still had their leaves and the weight of the snow brought down trees and branches everywhere. The hardest hit areas were the City of Buffalo and surrounding older suburbs. It's very sad, the landscape of Buffalo is changed for ever ... Driving around these areas is just mind boggling ... the streets and lawns are covered with limbs and trees.

The local tree companies have pages and pages of people that have called for help .. they have enough work for the next year. So if you are a tree person, and looking for work, there's plenty of it here. Just do us all of favor, and be reasonable (considering the circumstances) about what you are charging. We understand that tree people can charge premium pricing right now, but there's also a lot of gouging going on too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Buffalo News

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This is what pisses me off. The above poster has contributed nothing and still thinks it is alright to drop someone elses contribution.

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It pisses you off that I dropped my own post? I didn't piss myself off by dropping my own post.

I had originally posted about our storm since I thought professional people here might be interested. When they weren't I dropped my own post.

Guess I don't really see a problem here ....

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I daresay ink would like to remove foot from mouth. LOL

Sometimes, pamghatten, we don't post a comment on a new thread so that it CAN stay up at the top for people to see. I'll bet you had plenty of tree companies come up and help, even without putting out the word. Some with a good spirit, and other ready to kick people when they're down. It always happens.

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Yeah! sorry about that, nobody's perfect, I share a speech writer with a guy called George but I should know betterer.

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