So CA Plumeria Sale Varieties

No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)August 28, 2012

Abby's Dream (JJ)

Afrique (JJ)

Alice Yellow

Amazing (JJ)

Angels Touch (JJ)

Arctic Sun (JJ)

Artistry (JJ)

Atlantis (JJ) *

Aztec Gold

Bali Whirl

Belle Vista

Bewitched (JJ)

Bird of Paradise (JJ)

Blush Pink

Bruges (JJ)

Brendas Pink Buster (JJ) *

California Sally California Sunset (JJ)

Candy Stripe Rainbow Captivate (JJ) *

Carnival (JJ)

Carl's Peach

Carlsbad Pink


Cathay Pearl (JJ)

Cathy Moragne



Ceylon Beauty (JJ)

Charlotte Ebert

Cherokee Geisha (JJ)

Christina (JJ)

Cindy Schmidt

Cinnamon Pink

Cooktown Sunset

Courtade Pink


Crazy Rainbow

CS3 (JJ)

Daisy Wilcox

Daydream (JJ) *

Dean Conklin

Delightful (JJ)

Desert Sunrise (JJ)

Dianas Rainbow

Diva (JJ)

Doc's White


Donald Angus

Dragon's Tears (JJ)


Dulcemia (JJ)

Dwarf Deciduous White

Dwarf Pink Singapore

Dwarf White Singapore

Dynamite (JJ) *

Eclipse (JJ) *

Elsie (JJ)

Enchanted (JJ) *


Evening Sky

Firestorm (JJ)

Flamingo (JJ)

Fuji Mist (JJ) *


Gina (JJ)

Gladys K. Brandt


Grace (JJ)

Grainey Moragne


Guillot's Sunset


Gypsy Rose

Haustens White

Hawaiian Flag

Hawaiian Unknown

Hawaiian Yellow

Heart's Desire (JJ)


Herzogs Anna

Herzog's Butterscotch

Herzogs Lurline

Herzogs Pink Ruffle

Herzogs Pink Spider

Herzog's Rainbow

Hilo Beauty

Hong Kong Evergreen White

Indonesian Rainbow

Intense Rainbow

Irma Bryan

J105 (JJ)

Jackie (JJ)

Japanese Lantern

Jeannie Moragne

Jenny (JJ)


Jubilee (JJ)

Jungle Jack's Compact Red (JJ) *


Kaneohe Sunburst

Kaneohe Sunrise

Kaneohe Sunset

Katie Moragne

Kauai Beauty

Kauka Wilder

Kaulanani Orange

Kazoo (JJ)

Ken Ames (JL)

Ken's White (JJ)

Kimi Moragne


King Kalakaua


Lani Beauty


Lava (JJ)

Lava Flow

LaVonne's Red

LaVonnes White

Lemon Drop


Linda Gayle



Madame Pele

Madame Poni

Makaha Sunn


Mandalay (JJ) *

Mango Blush

Marco Polo (JJ)

Mardi Gras

Mary Helen Eggenberger

Mary Nicholson

Mele Pa Bowman

Melody (JJ)

Miami Rose

Midnight Ruby

Mollie's Rainbow

Mona Lisa (JJ)

Moonglo (JJ)


Moragne #27

Moragne #93

Moragne Seedlings

Mr Ambassador

My Valentine


Nebel's Gold

Nebel's Rainbow

Neighbor Nirvana (JJ)

Oaxaca Rose

Orange (JL)

Orotai (JJ)

Orange Jack (JJ)

Our Pink Pansey

Pacific Dawn (JJ)

Palomar White

Panittas Red (JJ)

Pauahi Ali

Paul Weissich

Pele (JJ)

Phuket (JJ)

Penang Peach


Pink Kiss

Pink Jello (JJ)

Pink Pansy (JL)

Pink Pastel

Pink Ruffles

Pink Samoa

Pinwheel/Candy Stripe

Pinwheel White

Plastic Pink


Polynesian Red

Pops Red

Pua Kea Pudica

Purple Jack (JJ)

Puu Kahea Raffles (JJ) *

Rain Dance (JJ) *


Rainbow Pink

Razzle Dazzle (JJ) *

Red Dragon Heart

Red Ester

Red Sparkle Red-Orange (JL)

Rhonda (JJ)

River White (JJ)

Rock Star (JJ) *

Roma (JJ)

Royal Silk (JJ)

Royal Velvet

Ryan Chelsea

Safari (JJ) *

Sahara (JJ) *

Sally Moragne

Samoan Fluff

San Diego Sunset

San Miguel

Sangria (JJ)

Satin Sun (JJ)

Scentsational (JJ)

Scott Pratt

Serenade (JJ) *

Sexy Red

ShangriLa (JJ)

Siam Ruby

Silverthorn Rubra

Singapore White

Slaughter Pink

Star White (JJ)

Starfish (JL)

Starlight (JL)

Sunburst (JJ)



SunSplash (JJ) *

Sweet Pink Tai

Surprise (JJ)

Taj Mahal (JJ)

Tango (JJ)

Tbred Tracy(JJ)

Ted Chinn

Temple Fire (JJ)

Temptation (JJ)

Teresa Wilder

Texas Aggie

Texas Fiesta

Texas Goldstar T

hai Splash (JJ)

Thornton Lemon Drop

Thornton Lilac

Thumbalina (JJ)

Tiger (JJ) *

Tillie Hughes

Tinkerbell (JJ) *

Tipsy (JJ)

Tom's Red

Tomlinsons Pink

Tong Deng (JJ)


Tropical Storm (JL)

Udom Chok

University of Hawaii Orange

Variegated Maya

Venezuelan Fragrant White

Vera Cruz Rose

Vienna Rose (JJ)


White White Shell

Wild Pink (JJ)


Wizard (JJ)

Xanadu (JJ)

Xquisite (JJ)

Yellow Shell

From this list I would like Daisy Wilcox, Gladys K Brandt, Katie Moragne, Pops Red, Red Dragon Heart, Red-Orange JL, Samoan Fluff, Ted Chinn, ET Lemon Drop but I am not sure if I will get that lucky. Especially if sellers only have one of each plant then I won't get everything on my list. Besides I can only fit about 8 in my car. :)

Anyway, who is planning to go on Saturday?

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Dang it, Lynn, I have to work! Otherwise I'd go pick up a Rhonda. :)

Are you going to take your camera?

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

I didn't think about bringing a camera but now that you mentioned it... I will! I will see if DH can shoot pics while I browse. I just wish there was a way for me to contact the sellers that have what I want so I can pre-paid and not stressed out. Some folks on FB were saying that they are planning to "camp out". I don't know what that means... like camping out over night or what?? That's crazy! I was thinking getting there when it opens but now I don't know.

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Yes, like camping out over night! LOL
Actually, I don't know if they stay overnight or just get there super early in the morning. But I've seen pics on different websites about earlybirds.

You don't need to stress out. Knowing you, there will be plenty that will please you even if it's not on your list. Just follow your nose! :)

Can't wait to see some pics!
Wonder if they are going to do a flower show?

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What a list. I am glad, I live too far, so I am not tempted to go. Do they have a sale in the spring too? Barbra

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)


Good suggestion! I shall follow my nose, LOL. I think this event is two days long so they do have the Flower Show on both days as well as hula dancing etc. It should be fun for the whole family. I'm training my kids to guard my plants while I shop! LOL. If everyone is camping out early I might have to get a hotel and come the night before or something. I'm sure if my family didn't think I was crazy before they will now!

Barbra I think the Spring sale is for cuttings only. And this one is for rooted Plants. I missed the Cuttings Sale this year... might as well or I would have killed them all too. I will go next spring so I can pick up some cuttings to practice. :)

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Yep, get a hotel room then let your DH get up early and go save your place in line. Men... gotta love 'em!
at least they're good for something :)

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plumie_girl(9b SoCal HD)

13th Annual Hawaiian Plumeria Festival
2012 Flower Show & Plant Sale

Latest News!
Latest List of Cultivars For Sale
Flower Show Color Reference Guide
Cultivar Guessing Contest
Festival Media Appearances

Presented by the
Southern California Plumeria Society

Last year's Festival was amazing! Thanks to our vendors, volunteers, and of course our over 3,000 visitors and buyers!

Saturday & Sunday, September 1-2, 2012
(Labor Day weekend)
10:00 am to 4:00 pm both days
Casa del Prado, Rooms 101 & 102, Balboa Park, San Diego
Free admission
Cash & checks only! (No debit or credit cards)
Opportunity to join SCPS and earn a 10% discount on the sales table items, excluding plants
Tickets available starting at just $1 for an amazing raffle of plumerias (need not be present to win)
Flower Show

ONE DAY ONLY! Saturday, 10 am - 4 pm
100s of spectacular plumeria flower entries! (Just imagine the amazing fragrance in this room!)
Anyone may enter
Knowledgeable Show attendants to answer your questions
More info...

Plant Sale

Saturday & Sunday
Hundreds of different varieties of plumeria for sale!
Extensive selection of plumeria care and related products
Knowledgeable vendors and SCPS volunteers
Frequently asked questions
More info...


There will be Hawaiian dance and musical performances throughout both days in the courtyard outside Room 101 (Patio A)
All performances are free and open to the public
On Saturday Tipanie o Patitifa (Plumeria of the Pacific) will be alternating music performances with dance performances from 9 am to 1 pm. More performances to be announced.
On Sunday slack key guitarist Kevin Kamaka Mullen from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Don't get your hopes up too high because the vendors always get first chance at the plumerias for sale. I didn't get a lot of what I wanted at the cutting sale because they were gone before they opened. Happy shopping and hope to see you all there!

Here is a link that might be useful: SO CAL PLUMERIA SOCIETY FESTIVAL WEBSITE

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I would love the flower show... and the music and dance performance. Lynn, I bet you have a flower you could enter. Go outside and look! LOL

Could someone please try and check out JJ's Safari? The name suggests to me yellow/bronze/orange and I would love to know. I would ask Lynn but she will have her family with her, plus her long list = hands full! LOL

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No-clue, thank goodness you missed the cutting sale. Next year you will have all this knowledge and have 100% success on rooting cuttings. I really did have a good year at rooting cuttings. I did loose some, but it was because I put the newly rooted cuttings in full sun. I will always use the gritty mix for cuttings, but once established will replant them in potting soil. I can't wait until the spring to start all over again. I have learned so much on this forum. Thanks everyone, for sharing your knowledge. Barbra

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Hi Barbra. I had been using the gritty mix to root cuttings, too, and like using it. Now I'm out of ingredients but will get some for next year. Like you, I will pot them up in MG and perlite when the time comes. The few that I did pot up to the gritty mix are doing just fine but I really prefer not to use it for the larger plants.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)


I have Safari... got it from JJ's a few months ago when she was barely rooted. John kept telling me to break off the larger leaves to promote more growth but I didn't listen. Well his are growing well and mine is like "failure to thrive". LOL

If he has his pictures there I will snap a photo for you ok?

Plumie girl - I didn't know that sellers get first dips! That's not fair!! Hmmm... I'm going to have to figure out how to get in first then. :)

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Lynn - try to locate the bathrooms, then check to see if the windows are unlocked. LOL

Sorry to be such a pest but I've been looking forward to this sell for a long time, (LOL) so a pic would be great if you can swing it. When you think of Safari, what colors come to mind for that name? I see a Tinkerbell on the list. In my mind it should be yellow... because Tinkerbell had blonde hair. Tiger should be orange.

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I want Amazing & Artic Sun. But, living in Texas I can't make the sale.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

No fears gang... I will take pictures of everything I can get my hands on. :) If all else fails I will swipe John's catalogue. J/K! But I will take pics I promise.

Mona, for some reason I think Safari is red! I know I mentioned I was looking for red and some how I came home w/ Safari.

Tiger should be dark pink/red. But I will be sure to take pictures. I don't know what Amazing or Artic Sun will look like but if he has pics I will take some.

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I saw Amazing in late July at JJ's. He said it wasn't available until September. I asked him to place me on the waiting list. I didn't think to take a pic. dahhhhh!

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Lonnie do you remember what Amazing looks like? Fragrance?

Will you be going to the Sale?

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It was a 3" wide bloom, with cream petals and red/orange center. I can not remember the fragrance.
It was a small plant, but beautiful flower.
I emailed John this morning to see if it was available for shipment. Not going to sale, live in TX. I was out there end of July for vacation.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Oh wow that sounds beautiful!! If he doesn't ship let me know and I'll be happy to pick it up and ship to you.

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slave2thefur(san diego - north coast)

For those who want a reference doc, I've put together an unofficial guide. I'll also have some pix of JJ new varieties on my phone.

See you there - stop by and say hi.... Diana

Here is a link that might be useful: SCPS guide

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Sweet!! Thank you Diana... I will look for you.

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so the secret is root a bunch of generic plumeria, sign up as a dealer, go in early, buy what you really want, sell your cuttings/seedlings cheap and get out.

3,000 visitors! wow! It`s gonna be like a concert, plumeria addicts camped out overnight.

Ya`ll have a great time and hope everyone gets all the plants they want.
Tally HO!

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

I have been told by more than one sellers that if I don't get there by 9am the line will wrap around the building.

I can't believe I'm even thinking of going there by 8am. That's TWO hours before opening time! But at least the hotel is only 2.4 miles away so I'm going to have DH drop me off so I can get in line while they go get me breakfast. I should have signed up as a volunteer or something. LOL.

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I'm reading the SCPS sale bulletin and noticed a discrepency in the description of the Guillot's Sunset. Early on it says it is cold sensitive, then later on it says it is cold tolerant. I'm curious as I live around 1021' elevation in the San Gabriel Valley and it gets very close to frost maybe once or twice a winter. I'm thinking of an inground plant for the future and I have seen some Celadine's nearby, one is about 20' tall and wide so at least they must be cold tolerant.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Your list makes me shake with envy... : )

I look at everyone listed and see the ones that i would like to have ..

You are so fortunate to be able to atttend the show!

Hello to all that are going and have a great time..

Bill, James Diana, Iso, Erika, Jen, Lynn. Think of all of us and please take pics.

We will be there in spirit and im looking forward to seeing your pics..

Once again,, Thank you1! : )

Take care and tell everyone that i said Hi!!!


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slave2thefur(san diego - north coast)

8am? That's crazy talk! These aren't one-of-a-kind, never to be seen again plants...for the most part, anyway. Yes, the line to enter is long and some varieties are limited, but you can score big, and sanely.

Hints: Make a gotta-have list, and a budget, but always leave room for serendipity. Prowl the big plants in the courtyard while you wait.

Volunteers have a cross-reference list of plants by vendor, and can point you in the right direction. When you find one you want, ask the vendor to hold it for you (bring tags or bright ribbons), make a note to yourself, and go hunt the next.

Relax, have fun, and if both checkout lines are too long, put all your plants in the holding room and have lunch across the promenade, check out the flower show or visit the beautiful gardens.

Even tho the queues are long, they move pretty quickly - the hard part is holding a 10 lb. pot for too long. Bring a cart or tote bag.

Remember - no Credit or Debit cards!

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plumie_girl(9b SoCal HD)


Thanks for the great reference guide. I appreciate your hard work and I will keep it handy. I found that I have a few duplicates because of AKAs. ;o(
Darn it! I could have bought something I didn't already have!

I'm looking forward to seeing some of the forum gang again. It was nice putting faces with names at JJ's open house.

PS: I have a nice picture of you and Bud @ JJ's. If I can remember I will print one out and bring it for you.


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slave2thefur(san diego - north coast)

Thanks, Jan. The aka list is probably the hardest thing to maintain, and gets even more complicated due to Thai and Oz varieties. Would love to see the pic - can you email it?

After I posted these hints, I realized I misspoke. The official holding area is post-sale, called 'will-call'. See

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I haven't heard from John. He is more than likely getting ready for the sale.
If you do see a 1-3 gal, I'll definantely want it.
Let me know if you find one, and we'll settle up.
I will owe you big time!!

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)


So 8am is too early? LOL... ok fine I'll be there at 8:15am how's that? Oh and I also have a pic of you, Bill and Irene at JJ's Open House too. Give me your email address and I'll send you a copy.

Lonnie, John said he will call me later today... so I will look for a Rhonda for Mona and an Amazing for you. Anybody else? He accepts PayPal so I will arrange for you guys to call him. I'm actually about 1.5 hrs from him and I don't drive due to my peripheral neuropathy so it's probably best to have him ship to you directly. Or it will be a while before I can hitch a ride to pick them up. Let me know if that works. In a way it's a good thing... or I would be at JJ's every week!

I have been dying to go see Doug Jones, Mike P and Danny K and admire their plumeria patches as well. Bud even said I could visit his garden... but alas I can't drive! So it will have to be some other time when DH has time off.

But I'm super excited about this Plant Sale this weekend though... so that will tie me over for a while! :)

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That will work. Thank you.

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Does anyone ever have the problem of thinking they have replied to a post only to find out later they didn't? LOL

Lynn - that would be great, thank you, but does that mean you won't be able to personally choose mine for me? :) Kidding, but I know you have excellent plant buying skills.

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I also live in the San Gabriel valley at about the same elevation and I have a GS planted in the ground in a raised bed. It was a relatively mature plant when I got it, and I planted it in august of last year (I think?). It went dormant pretty swiftly last winter, but never had any issues as far as I know. It's partially sheltered by a much taller tree, which may have taken the edge off the coldest nights, but it had no tip die-back or black tip or anything. I did tent it with frost cloth in January and February, though. It woke up pretty fast this year, and now is hugely leafed out with 3 inflos. So, I would say it does pretty well in this climate - you may just want to take some precautions on the nights when it gets into the mid and upper 30s. Personally, I love this plumeria - it's really striking to look out the window and see it in bloom.

In contrast, I have a Cal Sally planted about 3 feet to the right of it, and that plant did have tip die-back and black tip issues, and I ended up hacking off 3 big hunks of branch to save it from rot. I realize their micro-climates might be slightly different, since the Cal Sal is much more exposed, but overall the GS did 100x better over the winter. I'm definitely going to have to frost cloth the Cal Sal earlier this year if I don't want it spending the entire summer recovering from the previous winter!

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Thanks for that info. All of my plants are still small, but by next year I think I will try one them in the ground to see how it does, I have several months to think about just the right area to put it.

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What did ya get? What did ya get???
Tally HO!

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Well, I did not have the opportunity to call John today and I fear of the same tomorrow. With any luck he will still have a Rhonda come Friday morning when I am off from work and can give him a call. I've got my fingers crossed!

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angela_socal(Zone 10a)

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, but on my third year of plumerias. We went to the show last year and this year. Since we are kinda new, we aren't to picky about which one/type yet so we went on Sunday at 2:00, so there was only two hours left of the show. Let me tell you last year there was plenty to pick from, this year, there was almost nothing left! JJ was the only one who had quite a few left. So that being said a couple vendors were offering to make a deal with the couple that they had left. My husband and I each went with $50.00 to spend, of course we brought the checkbook just in case!! Right away my husband struck a pretty good deal with two of the larger plants that were outside on the patio. The seller marked them both down right away for a total of 45.00 for both, one white and yellow, one yellow and white, both with current inflows and both having an inflow about to open!

So then it's my turn, we have plenty that are one to two years old, I kinda wanted one larger one and no more white and yellow. I already have three JJ's... but they do seem to be my strongest plants so why not another one, again a lot of small ones, a couple larger ones for $100, but that over my budget.. so I was going to settle for one for $40.00, I don't even remember what is was, and John saw me and said, no don't get that one, take this one, it was a Rio, with an inflow about to bloom, it was marked $55.00, but he marked it down to $40.00. Still white, but has colored edges, he showed me in the catalog. So I was happy.

Then I came across the Aztec Gold, I loved the smell, but they only had a little one left, but the vendor automatically took $5.00 off for me.

So for going at the last minute we are very happy with our afternoon at the sale. We left at exactly 100 with a good group of plants.

The two on the left are the ones my husband got for a total of 45.00, the one in the back is a JJ Divine for my mother in law, she loves mine, the little one in the front is the Aztec Gold, and the one on the right is the JJ Rio!

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Nice deals Angela! You'll have to tell us all about Rio's color and scent when it blooms, ok?

I so badly want to be able to go to one of those sales but since I live on the opposite coast, I just have to wait for No Clue to go, then when she comes back I hang on every word that she writes! LOL

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First of all -- WELCOME!
Great story and purchases!
Keep us posted on all your plants, and we love picutres!!

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Good score! So sorry you are now addicted, there is no cure you know.

Moonie, ya`ll are just gonna have to take a vaca to the beach when Clear Lake has their sale. We`ll go to the beach, buy plumerias and eat shrimp at a restaurant over the Gulf of Mexico.
Tally HO!

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angela_socal(Zone 10a)

Moonie - Thank you! I was wrong, when I was out looking at them tonight, it's called a Roxy, should bloom by this weekend!

Lonnie - Thank you, it's nice to be able to share and know other people excited about them!

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