Coleus cuttings

kek19June 13, 2007

I was told coleus is one of the easiest things to grow from cuttings, so I took a couple cuttings. What's the easiest way to get them to root? Right now they are in a cup of water.

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Just put them in wet perlite with water? That's it? Sounds too easy - lol

Thanks you

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Remove all but a couple of the top leaves, remove any flower buds that might be growing. I also like to use perlite as a rooting medium. Make sure that the container drains properly so that you can keep it watered. You are not rooting IN water, but in perlite.

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I always root my coleus cuttings in water and they do well for me.

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it seems everyone is able to root coleus in water ... except me, that is ... they rot & get slimey in just a few days ... obviously, doing something wrong?

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I left them in the water, the little one has roots as of today. I'm hoping the bigger one will soon!

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I have been rooting coleus like crazy...just clip it right below where 2 leaves are ...about a 4-6 inch clipping...then cut off the leaves above where you cut it...then cut off all other leaves except the top cut the ends off these 2 leaves...can dip them in root tone or not...stick them in some potting soil or Fafards mix...water well & put them in the shade..should be rooted in a few days...good luck!

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Coleus is very simple to root. I think using water is over-thinking the process. We just pinch off a piece with our fingers and stick it in dirt ( potting soil ). They don't like full sun for the first couple of days ( they will wilt ) but in about a week they will be kicking it! You can divide these suckers every couple of weeks and get more coleus than you know what to do with.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tissue Culture Hobbyist

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