What to do with Ussurian pear seedlings?

Nick_B79(4/5 Southeast MN)June 8, 2011

For fun, I grew three Ussurian pears from seed. They're now 1 ft tall, and I'm wondering what I could do with them. Can I graft a northern-hardy, edible pear selection like Parker, Luscious or Seckel onto them? Since the parent trees are 30+ ft tall, would I end up with a tree of that size after grafting, or do the scionwood selections impart any dwarfing characteristics of their own?


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Grafting is a good choice..... the root system (Ussuariaan) will effect the root survival of the plant... it may also cause a incompatability between the roots & the top giving a "dwarft" plant... but the choice of scionwood will give the the fruit & top size etc....

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