Propagation of Echinacea sport

gmsing01June 22, 2009

This year, half of my very ordinary purple coneflower has bloomed a brilliant green color and has petals curled in near-tubes (similar to many zinnias and dahlias I've seen), and I am interested in propagating this if possible. I am relatively new at this and mostly unaware of the biology involved. Is it likely that seeds produced by these flowers would grow the same phenotype? Would root cuttings grow this? Or would I be better off trying to root some stem cuttings? Any advice would be much appreciated!

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crrand(z4 MN)

You might want to read up on a common plant disease called aster yellows. Sometimes the symptoms of the disease produce rather striking blooms. Unfortunately, once infected, there is no cure. Diseased plants should be promptly removed and discarded to reduce further spread.

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In my opinion, plants like Green Jewel and so on with green blooms should not have been released. This is going to cause confusion with people not knowing if a plant has Aster Yellows or not. I agree this sounds like a phytoplasma infection. I would really be cautious with this plant especially if you have other Echinaceas growing nearby.

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