Want to sell vegetables from my gardener

zeke831October 11, 2009

my question is were could i find out information on rules and laws on starting a vegetable business from my own home in California? what would i need to go pro and organic? i have asked others who have started but they dont want to share any information, maybe cause they think ill be competition later on. hope some one can lead me the way. i have always been good with plants and have suck a green thumb. im am also willing to go to school. so any help would be nice thanks.

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in the fewest steps possible you'll need to pass an applicators test as youll be applying a labeled product in which the end results are going to be used for profit and to the public( the label is the law pass this test first) 50 or so dollers gets you a one test pass or fail if you pass go to step two if you fail six months till you can re-take test fail again two years and 50 $ or more for each test A retest is done every 2nd year for 50 or so $( Its a fedral thing )

Step two City hall has a permit that allows a person to be a peddler also sold for a price Do step one so you don't have to waste this fee and time
be ready fro step 3 which includes board of health inspections off all things including all your orgainic products for storage and such as well the temps of selling products and possibly the garden they will tell you who else has to inspect you to recive secondary permits if any apply ( ie a resturant needs a beer and wine permit and be clean and sanitary two differnt parties conduct seperate inspections such inspetions are done at taxpayer expences under sanitary guidelines but secondary ones are done at company owners expence )

Step three you need to keep detailed records of spendings and profits save every recipt and time cards pay records of any emplyees ect. and donot remove any labels so you can use the word orgainic in your ads and as well the register you use will need to be a back up to this recordings banking will be needed as well pick the one you want that can keep track of credit card EBT card sales they do rentals of this equiment based on a sales percentage keep track of everything and you'll do well in a old blue law and new of small bussiness rights that you'll find later including livlyhood acts ect...

I kind of think you get the idea and wish you great sucsess thank you for choising organics at very least do step one first the label is the law
Be kind to bees do some work at night

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I'm not sure what any of the above translated to.....it was pretty darn hard to follow :-)

Regulations and requirements for conducting a business from your home vary widely depending on location, so the first place to start is with your local government agency that oversees business licensing. Zoning may be an issue as well, so be sure to check into that also. Google will be your friend :-) Get to know it well!

If you intend to run something like just a roadside farm stand, there may not be much more you have to do other than getting a business license and zoning approval. Or selling at a farmer's market - very similar.

There are restrictions on labeling produce 'organic' and violating those restrictions can result in hefty fines. California has a very active organic agricultural community and there is lots of info available just through Internet searching. Research should tell you all the procedures you need to follow to become organically certified (the ONLY way you can legally use the term 'organic') and the time involved in becoming certified.

It also wouldn't hurt to do some research into running a bsuiness from home and the importance of licensing, insurance, recordkeeping, etc. There're various publications that address this -- a good larger bookstore should have an assortment. Or look to the SBA for additional advice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Google search - California home-based business

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Sometimes your County Extension office can help. In Indiana for a farm stand and growing your own, you don't need hardly anything, depending upon your county or area. My county, nothing.

Think about a 'legal for trade' certified scale, it will cost more, but if you decide to upgrade your operation, you'll be set.

Check out the 'market' type of gardening on this forum, that where alot of market growers are.

I started small and have grown. I don't call myself a pro, but my customers do. If you sell plants, veggies including, you will probably need a retail merchant certificate, or business license (different states call them different things).

Check out your local farmers market, alot of the farmers there are not 'little' guys, but have a load of information for your area and if you're nice about it, they might share.

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Seriously, your #1 best bet is starting with the SBA, and seeing if there is a Small Business Development Center (SBDC) office near you. They can put you on the right path as far as all the legal requirements go, can steer you towards some informative classes, and will quite likely know someone in your industry who can give you more specific info.

Just budget more time than the appointment time :) I've found the SBDC folks here to be willing to keep giving you info as long as you stay in your chair. And there's no charge for it, either.

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I did that when I first went in to business, and although the chap was very kind and friendly, he was totally clueless about an agricultural facility. No clue whatsoever. You may have to go to different resources for each piece of information you need to have, and it doesn't stop at just getting legal to grow and sell. I had to also consult an attorney about grey areas on capital equipment, an accountant with a specialty in farm operations, the tax depeartment, the state department of agriculture, lots of interactions with the county extension and state professional associations who can also guide you. Blah, blah, blah.........it was scary because there was no place who could put this all into one package and hand it to you, and you live in fear for the first couple of years there is something you need to do to be legal but you aren't aware of what it is. LOL.

It's been a good life for me for over two decades, but I'm really looking forward to phasing down to just keeping a big toe in it. You young and hungry growers can have it. LOL.

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