When are Habaneros ready to pick?

xephadooJuly 18, 2008

This is the first time I've successfully grown Habaneros, and there are a ton of peppers on the plant.

I've eaten green ones, yellow ones, red ones, etc. So how do I know when the peppers are ripe? Does color dictate it, or some other factor?

Sorry I'm a hot pepper noobie :)

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Ripe color will most likely be yellow or red-perhaps brown,gold, or peach but not green.

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ah hah! thank you very much.

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Hi xephadoo,

You will never go wrong following JohnÂs (fiedlemeisterÂs) advice but I would like to add that Orange Habaneros are quite popular and you may have some of those.

This is my first year growing "Gold" (thanks to seed generously provided by John0.. No fruit yet so IÂm not sure if theyÂre golden orange or not. If you have lingering orange Hab peppers, they are probably ripe.

p.s. fiedlemeister, the Gold is coming along nicely!

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thanks for the additional info :)

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By the time my peppers turn red, they have started to rot. If I pick them when they are still partially green, will they ripen more like tomatoes do?

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