Tissue Culture?

froeschliJune 17, 2014

Have any of you tried (homemade) tissue culture?
I am looking at it as a bit of a diversion/experiment to try on my african violets (yes, i know there is an african violet forum here).
Anyhow, i've found numerous recipes, but am a bit dazzled that some suggest adding beef bouillon (stock). I would have thought the salt would be a bad thing....

Any experience? opinions?



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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I had a course, 1960s sometime. The little text we had had something about test tubes in the name. Probably an early issue of Plants from Test Tubes.

It may have been the most interesting lab I had. Do you have an education or background in sterile techniques? The only problem I remember anyone having in the lab was was fungal contamination of the materials.

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i'm sorry for the late respond, I don't get on this forum often.

Yes, I have and still into home based tissue culture. I have been experimenting on different plants, but haven't tried AV yet. I haven't heard of adding beef stock before, and doubt that it would of any good. There are several recipes around, I basically use complete fertilizer with trace elements with addition coconut water and tomato puree for my medium, and will be experimenting on other recipe soon - still need to find some chemicals to complete my ingredient list - my major setback is that Ammonium Nitrate is not available in the market (banned).

The book PLANT FROM TEST TUBE is a good reference.

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